Who is Cathy Franks?

Cathy Franks has been quilting for over thirty-five years. She started as a stained glass artist, and took an interest in quilting. She worked with Kaye England in her quilt shop for several years absorbing her knowledge and expertise. Cathy started quilting on BERNINA machines and still does. To aid in huge customer quilts, she purchased a 14 ft. Gammill machine over twenty years agoand 3 years ago she purchased an Innova machine and loves it too. Her love of quilting and learning is still strong. She loves to share "her love of quilting" with others. It is her hope that the students in her classes take away a ton of information, ability and the courage to accomplish their dreams for quilting.

Cathy is blessed with a plethora of winning ribbons in National contests and appears in several magazines articles. She has judged many quilt shows, including the quilt show in Houston.

Cathy loves to teach classes. She has been teaching for over twenty-five years. She offers a great deal of information and knowledge in her classes. "What good is knowledge, if it isn't shared". When you take her classes, you get details concerning the class, plus tips on all aspects of life, like best vacuum to use, a Dyson. How to wash a quilt? I'll share that too. Need to know how to quilt a quilt? Bring the quilt to class ! She tries her best to keep you entertained and awake, while giving you the information you desire. She shares photos and her quilts. Using her IPad , mic, and an empty wall, we can have a class.

Customer's quilting is another one of her great loves. It's a blessing when she gets all of those wonderful quilts that people send her to quilt. She values the trust that each and every person gives her when they choose her to complete their "special" quilt. She promises to take the time and effort, to provide "top notch" service on your quilts. Your quilt will be the absolute best it can be!

She has a lot of quilted samples to show you, so you can choose the types of designs you would like on your quilt. Most of her customers, ninety-nine percent, tell her to do what looks best. They trust her extensive experience and artistic abilities. She loves that! She enjoys listening to what her clients want their quilt to look like and will draw out ideas that might work for them. It's a joy when clients call, to let her know how much they love their quilt. It's a great blessing too when they win a ribbon with the combined effort.

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