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Who is Cara Gulati?

Cara Gulati has spent her life around fabric. She has sold fabric and clothes, designed them both and ended up with her own company as a designer and manufacturer of children's wear.

Fiber art and quilting in particular grabbed her heart and led her to things of a flatter nature. Cara makes very large art quilts and is currently working on a series called 3-D Explosion. She has written a book and teaches workshops on this design and sewing technique. One quilt in the series, "3-D Party Explosion" won Viewer's Choice at the Houston International Quilt Festival in 2003.

Her teaching career has taken her to Abu Dhabi in the UAE as well as Australia. She has exhibited her work internationally. Commissions are welcome!

You can find Cara on Simply Quilts and Kaye's Quilting Friends on TV.

Doodle Press is Cara's publishing company. She designs fun and artistic quilts that are unique. Her patterns and book can be found in quilt stores around the world and on her web site at www.doodlepress.com.

When she isn't lecturing, teaching internationally, designing fabric, publishing or creating art quilts, Cara can be found walking her dog in the forest in Marin County, California.

See her website for more info

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