Who is Beth Wheeler?

Beth Wheeler, aka "Muttonhead", is a freelance artist, product development specialist, author, and teacher. In the past eighteen years, she has written more than 45 books for sewing, quilting, craft, and collecting audiences; written hundreds of articles for trade and consumer publications. She has also published her own line of Muttonhead quilting patterns and products. Beth has been a crafter since age five and a quilter since age sixteen. She credits her mother and maternal grandmother with inspiration and introduction to early techniques - and access to a Singer featherweight!

A passion for discovery led her to develop processes for the analysis of technique and design. These skills are the basis for her classes, workshops, articles, books, and products.

Beth lives in northern Indiana with husband, Geoffrey; son, Jake; and dogs, Kippy and Sydney, in a house happily crowded with a jumble of fabrics, computers, printers, projects in progress, and treasured stuff too precious to actually use.

Courtesy of C & T Publishing


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