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Tube Piecing

Tube Piecing is a time saving patchwork strip piecing technique. Multiple strips of fabric are sewn together into one large panel of fabric, then folded in half parallel to the seams and sewn turning your panel into a tube. The fabric tube is then cut apart as if it was one piece of fabric. The tube is then seperated at one seam to make the strip cut pieces flat again. There are many types of quilts that you can make with tube piecing, such as Trip Around the World and Bargello, as well as quilts with triangle and parallelogram shapes.

Benefits of Tube Piecing

  • Tube Piecing allows you to stitch many pieces together into a strip set, then cut apart into blocks or parts of a block.
  • Some tube piecing patterns have you removing seams in the tube between alternating fabrics yielding different strips of fabric.
  • Some tube piecing patterns use templates to cut fabric tubes.

Tools and Supplies for Tube Piecing

You'll need the following to start Tube Piecing:

  • Rotary cutter, ruler and self healing mat
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Templates (for some patterns)
  • Seam ripper
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Tube Piecing

TUBE PIECING is a great way to make a Trip Around the World Quilt.

Tube Piecing Resources