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The Selvedge is the outer edges of woven fabric. The Selvedge is usually tightly woven and can be 1/2" wide or wider. It often has pin holes in it where the fabric was held in place during manufacturing. The Selvedge is not usually included in the pieces cut for a quilt as it is too thick and too wide for piecing and often includes information about the designer, manufacturer and colors used while priting.

Benefits of the Selvedge

  • The Selvedge runs lengthwise along the edge of the fabric, following the warp thread in woven fabric.
  • The lengthwise grain is the most stable, with the least amount of stretch, so the Selvedge makes it easy to see which is the lengthwise grain.
  • The Selvedge may be printed with the name of the manfacturer, the desginer, the name of the collection it is part of, and the year it was designed.
  • Color dots that show the various colors used in the print may also appear on the Selvedge.
  • All this information can be helpful if the quilter is looking to acquire more of the same fabric.
  • Lots of fun projects can be made with selvedge strips that would normally have just been thrown away!

Supplies and Tools of Selvedge

Rotary mat and Cutter, Scissors - trim the selvage off or be sure not to include it when cutting fabric for a block

What I Wish I Knew When I Started Selvedge

Interesting, fun projects can be made from the SELVEDGE removed from fabric. They are often stitched flat as they don't work well in piecing. I wish I had saved lots of the colorful Selvedges on fabrics I've used over the years.

Selvedge Resources