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String Piecing

String Piecing is a method of foundation piecing that uses strips of fabric, called strings, that otherwise might be thrown away.  Sewn on a paper or fabric foundation, these strings could be turned into new fabric that could be cut and sewn into quilts. Sew strips diagonally across a foundation, trim and the resulting piece can be cut into quilt blocks or block segments. String piecing is the perfect solution of using up those smallest scraps of beloved fabric you can't bear to throw away.

Benefits of String Piecing

  • String Piecing is a great way to use up all the scraps that accumulate.
  • Foundations can be made from fabric and many quilters use muslin as an inexpensive choice; however, this is the perfect place to use up larger pieces of scrap fabrics or fabrics that no longer suits your fancy.
  • Paper is an alternative choice, many people use old telephone book pages, junk mail, and other papers normally thrown away or recycled.
  • Paper foundations are removed after trimming or when the quilt has been assembled. Fabric foundations are not removed.

Tools and Supplies for String Piecing

You'll need the following for String Piecing:

  • Paper or fabric foundations
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric strips and strings
  • Size 12 or 14 sewing machine needles
  • Thread
  • Basic Sewing supplies
What I Wish I Knew When I Started String Piecing

STRING PIECING foundations is a great way to use up fabrics that you don't like anymore.

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