Quilted Home Decor

Quilted Home Decor is not just a quilt for your bed. Quilted Home Decor items are objects to be used around your home to enhance your living space. For quilters this can mean pillows, quilted throws, table runners and wall hangings. It can also be the smaller items of decoration such as pot holders, appliqued tea towels, coasters and trivets. There are wonderful patterns for pieced and quilted toys and playmats for babies. You can make rugs out of fabric strips, floor cloths out of Home Decor fabric or add pieced trim to bath towels. There are organizational items like quilted buckets, coiled bowls and baskets. There is really no limit to the items you make for use as Home Decor.

Benefits of Quilted Home Decor

  • Quilted Home Decor projects are generally fast and easy to make.
  • Quilted Home decor personalizes your living space.
  • Quilted Home Decor items make great gifts.
  • Quilted Home Decor items are a great way to decorate seasonally or for holidays.
  • Quilted Home Decor is a great way to make smaller projects to try out new techniques.

Tools and Supplies for Quilted Home Decor

  • Quilted Home Decor tools and supplies will be based on project you choose.
What I Wish I Knew When I Started making Quilted Home Decor

Leftover blocks or scraps are great to use for QUILTED HOME DECOR projects.  

Quilted Home Decor Resources