Quilt Marking

Quilt Marking prepares a quilt for machine or hand quilting. Lines or designs are marked on all or a portion of the quilt. There are many techniques and temporary markers for transferring designs onto a quilt top. Quilters use quilting stencils, hand drawn designs traced using a light box and even painters tape for straight lines. Machine quilters often sew through thin paper with designs that come preprinted or hand drawn. It is important to use a method that is easy to see, easy to remove and works for you.

Benefits of Quilt Marking

  • Quilt Marking takes the guess work out of where to stitch.
  • Quilt Marking lets you see the design before you begin to stitch.

Tools and Supplies - Quilt Marking

  • Marking pens, pencils, wash away pens or pens that are heat sensative designed for Quilt Marking.
  • Quilt Stencils
  • Paper for drawing and transferring designs
  • Painters Tape
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Quilt Marking

It is important when QUILT MARKING,  that you test whatever marking tools you use to make sure that the marks can be removed from the quilt when it is finished. It is absolutely heartbreaking to realize too late that the marks are permanent or have left a shiny residue!

Quilt Marking Resources