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Ombre is a French word for color that is gradually blended from light to dark or from one color to another. Ombre blending is available in fabrics, threads and ribbons. Ombre fabric is light to dark across the width of the fabric. Ombre color is also used in quilt patterns, with blocks or quilt patterns that go from light to dark in one color or many colors.

Benefits of Ombre

  • Ombre fabric used in quilts adds movement and depth.
  • Ombre fabric offers many different shades and intensities of color to use.
  • Ombre threads are beautiful for quilting.
  • Ombre ribbons make beautiful ribbon embroidery flowers and birds.

Tools and Supplies for Ombre

  • Quilt Patterns designed for Ombre fabrics
  • Design Wall
  • Ombre Fabric
What I Wish I Knew when I Started using Ombre

To get the most from ombre fabric, ribbon and thread use patterns that will help show off the lovely gradation of color. You can make your own OMBRE fabric with hand dying and painting techniques.

Ombre Resources