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Needle Down

Needle Down is a feature that refers to the ability of a sewing machine to be programmed for Needle Up or Down. Selecting Needle Down allows you to stop sewing with the needle in the Down position, allowing the presser foot to be raised and the fabric repositioned as it is being held in place by the needle.

Benefits of Needle Down

Having the machine stop with the Needle Down, allows for more control and maneuverability when piecing quilt blocks, machine applique and machine quilting.

The Needle Down position holds the fabrics under the needle while chain piecing or repositioning the quilt while quiting.

Supplies and Tools for Needle Down

  • Needle Down feature is not standard on every sewing machine.
  • Machines marketed for quilters usually include the Needle Up/Down feature.
What I Wished I Knew When I Started using Needle Down

NEEDLE DOWN function is a must for any quilter.  

Needle Down Resources