Moonflower by Molly Y. Hamilton, APQS Best Movable Machine-2017 Moonflower by Molly Y. Hamilton, APQS Best Movable Machine-2017

Movable Machine Quilting

Moveable Machine Quilting is a category of machine quilting often used for entering Quilt Shows to describe the type of sewing machine used for quilting. It refers to machine quilting done on a moveable sewing machine, or longarm, that allows the quilter to move the machine rather than the fabric and is mounted on a frame. When entering your quilts in a competition be sure to check the Contest Rules as most will specify that the stitching be done predominantly with this method to be in that category.

Benefits of Movable Machine Quilting

  • Movable Machine Quilting is done with a specialized sewing machine mounted on a frame that generally has three rollers to hold the quilt top, batting and quilt back.
  • The quilt does not need to be basted prior to machine quilting.
  • Movable Machine Quilting can be done as free motion quilting, a program or pantograph.
  • This machine quilting type designation is important in competitions to ensure the competitors are all using the same basic equipment and the jurors can fairly compare the quilts in the Movable Machine Quilting category.

Tools and Supplies for Movable Machine Quilting

  • Movable Machine or Longarm Sewing Machine
  • Thread for quilting
  • Scissors or thread clippers
  • Machine needles
  • Quilting needles or side threading needles to bury the threads
What I Wish I Knew When I Started using a Movable Quilting Machine

Space planning and ergonomics are important when setting up your Movable Machine Quilting space. Consider the frame size, surface for standing and how to keep your tools handy.

Be sure to check the Competition Rules for guidelines and verify your quilt is properly categorized.

Movable Machine Quilting Resources