Finished Edge Applique

Finished Edge Applique is any applique technique that leaves no raw edges exposed.  There are many applique techniques that will leave you with finished edges.  Edges can be finished with machine stitching using several techinques; finished by hand by preparing the appliques shapes with the edges turn under and basted, starched or fused, then stitched in place down, or by turning the edges under using an applique or miliners needle and stiching in place, which is referred to as "needle-turned" applique. Finished Edge Applique is most commonly seen in Baltimore Album Quilts.

Benefits of a Finished Edge Applique

  • Finished Edge Applique is a traditional technique used in traditional and contemporary quilting.
  • Finished Edge applique does not use fusibles which can make the finished piece stiff.  Newer fusibles make this less of an issue.
  • Finished Edge applique when done by hand is very portable and embellishments can be later added by hand or by machine.
  • For applique designs with layers, only the edges that are exposed need to be finished. 

Tools and Supplies for Finished Edge Applique

  • Basic sewing supplies are needed for Finished Edge Applique
  • Supplies based on individual applique technique used
I Wish I Knew When I Started making Finished Edge Applique

FINISHED EDGE APPLIQUE can be done on a sewing machine. It can a decorative element or stitched mimic hand work where the stitches are hardly noticable.  Newer fusibles are easily used now with this technique to secure the edges and leave the finished project soft and flexible.

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