What is Facing a Quilt? Sheila Frampton Cooper "Sunset Cinema"

Facing a Quilt

Facing a Quilt is a method of finishing the edge of a quilt. A strip of facing fabric is sewn to the front of a quilt and turned to the back so that none of the facing fabric shows on the front. A Facing provides an alternative to traditional binding.

Benefits of a Facing a Quilt

  • Facing a Quilt provides a clean edge to a quilt without the frame of binding.
  • A Facing is a way to finish a quilt that has a design that goes off the edge.
  • A facing is a great way to finish an Art Quilt.
  • Facing a Quilt also finishes the edge where Prairie Points or Scallops are added to the edge of a quilt.

Tools and Supplies for Facing a Quilt

  • Basic Sewing Supplies will be needed for Facing a Quilt.
  • Rotary cutter, ruler, self healing mat
  • Sewing Machine
What I Wish I knew When I Started a Facing a Quilt

FACING A QUILT is an easy alternative finishing method when using prairie points on the edge of a quilt.

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