Mirage by Alex Anderson for RJR Fabrics Mirage by Alex Anderson for RJR Fabrics

Fabric Selection

Fabric Selection can be daunting to beginning quilters and sometimes even the seasoned veterans among us. Fabric selection isn't just selecting an appealing palette of colors. The scale of the prints and the color values all make a difference between a ho-hum quilt and a quilt that sparkles. If you're not ready to whip out your color wheel, an easy way to begin is to pick a collection of fabric. The designer has already put together a pleasing group of prints that probably has all the things you're hoping for; lights, mediums and darks, different scales of prints, some tonal prints that read as solids, supporting a nice focus fabric. Even if you can't find a collection of fabric that speaks to you, grabbing a print that has multiple colors can help you pull together a selection of fabrics that have a color palette you do like. Do you need to use the focus fabric in your quilt? No way! But you know those colors go together because they appealed to you in the focus fabric. Learning more about color and value can help you with your fabric selections. You can also study quilts that you like and quilts that you don't like to give you insights on what appeals to you! Fabric selection becomes easier over time and don't be afraid to "audition" fabrics before you make your final selections.

Benefits of Fabric Selection

  • Fabric Selection gives you the opportunity to create a quilt with movement and depth.
  • Fabric Selection gives you the chance to see how different colors and values work together or don't!
  • Fabric Selection means the start of a new quilt project.

Tools and Supplies for Fabric Selection

You may need the following to help with Fabric Selection:

  • Red or Green Value Finder
  • Color Wheel
  • Quilt Pattern Requirements
  • Adventurous Spirit
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Fabric Selection

When trying to master FABRIC SELECTION, using the color dots along the selvage edge of a print is a handy way to select colors and may even bring colors out you had not seen before in the print. Don't be afraid to use those colors that are not your favorites - that bit of orange or lime green (whatever color is on your "icky" list) might just be the pop of color your quilt needs to really come alive.

Fabric Selection Resources

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