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Fabric Design

Fabric Design is the process of creating and  preparing designs for fabric production.  The designs themselves can be painted or drawn and then manipulated using the Adobe Design suite of products, or created digitally, using original art or copyright free images such as antique fabrics or ephemera.  Designers will pick a color palette, create a series of designs to be used in a collection of fabrics which is often reviewed by an art director of a fabric manufacturer. Some fabric designers submit artwork that is ready for printing, others have their artwork prepared by the manufacturer. There are many considerations to be made when designing fabric, such as scale, prints, color and value, method of printing, repeats, ease of use and saleability. 

Benefits of Fabric Design

  • Well designed fabric and fabric collections are easy to use together in projects and also as individual prints mixed with other fabrics outside the collection.
  • Fabric Design is a way to participate in the business of Quilting.
  • Fabric Design is a dream job to many quilters!

Tools and Supplies for Fabric Design

You'll need the following items to begin Fabric Design:

  • Computer
  • Design Software
  • Art Supplies
  • Reference pieces
What I Wish I Knew When I Start Fabric Design

FABRIC DESIGN is as much about selling as it is design.

Fabric design can be seasonal and based on current trends in fashion and color.

Fabric Design Resources

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