Fabric Cutting

Accuracy at the very beginning of your project will drive the success of the finished project. Accurate Fabric Cutting is the start of a successful quilt. If your piece is too big or too small, it doesn't matter if your seam allowance is perfect, you're destined to have a block that doesn't measure up. Prepare your fabric for cutting, well pressed fabric lies flat and insures an accurate cut. Quilting often starts with using a rotary cutter, ruler and self healing mat. Make sure your mat is laying flat and your rotary cutter has a sharp blade. If you are using a "gifted" ruler, check the ruler to the mat and make sure they match!

Not all cutting begins with a ruler though, some quilt pieces are cut from templates. When using templates, insure your cut piece is exactly the same size as the template and that the template has been printed accurately. Taking time at the beginning of your project to prepare your fabric and accurately cut your pieces will make your experience more enjoyable.

Benefits of Fabric Cutting

Accurate Fabric Cutting insures a good start to your project.

Tools and Supplies for Fabric Cutting

  • Rotary cutter, ruler, self healing mat are musts for Fabric Cutting
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Marking tools
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Fabric Cutting

Starch, sizing and even steam can shrink pieces of fabric in the quilting process. Steaming and starching before starting your FABRIC CUTTING can limit any shrinkage along your piecing journey.

Fabric Cutting Resources