Digital Fabric Design

Digital Fabric Design is the process one goes through to create a fabric design ready for use at a print on demand digital fabric printing company. One such company is Spoonflower and there are others to choose from. Some companies provide you with guidance and applications to create your fabric design. It's also possible to create and photograph artwork and maniupulate on your computer or even your cell phone, and upload it onto the website. Digital Fabric Design is an easily accessible way to to create your own fabrics for inclusion into your sewing and quilting designs. Additionally, there are artists who design their own fabric that you can purchase from the manufacturer, giving you access to a wider variety of fabric.

Benefits of Digital Fabric Design

  • Using your own designs printed in the colors you specify on the exact type of fabric you need can be an amazing experience.
  • Digital Fabric Design allow you the opportunity to create EXACTLY the fabric you need for your project.
  • You can support "budding" artists whose designs are only available on sites supporting Digital Fabric Designers.&

Tools and Supplies for Digital Fabric Design

You'll need the following to begin Digital Fabric Design:

  • Computer or phone with internet access
  • Artwork
  • Other supplies based on your chosen method of creating designs
What I Wish I Knew when I Started Digital Fabric Design

When beginning your DIGITAL FABRIC DESIGN journey, be sure to use copyright free designs if you are using artwork that is not your own to create your desgins.

When you order the fabric, check on the different fiber options, like silk or cotton and threadcounts to choose from. Consider getting a sample pack of the fabric options offered before placing a large order.

The color you see on your computer may not be the same as the color that is printed on the fabric. Ordering a swatch is always a good idea.

Digital Fabric Design Resources