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Chain Piecing

Chain Piecing is a time and thread saving method of sewing patchwork blocks. When making the same block over and over and over, break the block down into components and stitch all the same components with chain piecing. In the example in the picture, the Candy Corn Block is a triangle with 3 colors.  To chain piece the 8 "candy corns" start with the yellow and orange blocks and stitch together one after another without stopping, leaving one or two stitches in between each unit.  When all 8 are stitched, press and add the white to each pieced set and chaning stitch them together.  Chain piecing keeps you sewing and not constantly raising your presser foot and cutting the thread between the blocks.

Benefits of Chain Piecing

  • Chain Piecing saves you time when sewing and later when all those threads have to be cut.
  • Chain Piecing saves thread.
  • Chain Piecing prevents threads from getting snarled around the bobbin by keeping the top and bobbin threads taut.

Tools and Supplies for Chain Piecing

You will need the following for Chain Piecing:

  • Basic Sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine
  • Prepared block components ready to be pieced.
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Chain Piecing

CHAIN PIECING saves a LOT of time and speeds up the tedious patchwork, immensely!

Chain Piecing Resources