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Whole Cloth Quilt

 A Whole Cloth Quilt is a quilt with a top made of one solid piece of fabric. Historically, the focus of a whole cloth quilts was displaying the makers needlework skills. The tops of these quilts were wool or cotton but the backs were made from linen. Women would tease the linen fibers apart and stuff the quilt between the stitches to raise them up. The beauty of these quilts are the intricate quilting designs, including trapunto or stuffed work, that continues today with contemporary Whole Cloth Quilts. Designers layout their patterns onto solid fabric, mark the pattern and stitch by machine or hand. Specialty threads are often used by machine quilters on their Whole Cloth Quilts. Whole Cloth quilts showcase the beauty of machine or hand quilting with out the distraction of patchwork or applique.

Benefits of a Whole Cloth Quilt?

A Whole Cloth Quilt is a way to display beautiful hand or machine quilting.

Tools and Supplies for a Whole Cloth Quilt

You'll need the following to start your Whole Cloth Quilt:

  • Fabric for your quilt top, back and binding
  • Hand quilting needles, thimble, thread and Quilting hoop or frame.
  • Marking tools
  • Sewing machine.
What I Wish I Knew When I Started making a Whole Cloth Quilt

Preprinted WHOLE CLOTH QUILT tops are available.

Whole Cloth Quilt Resources