Stained Glass Quilt

A Stained Glass Quilt is one that is designed to have the look of stained glass, from simple to intricate. Shapes are simplified with the color and the "leading" creating the design.  The fabric selected for the shapes bring luminosity as though looking through a stained glass window.

Benifits of a Stained Glass Quilt

  • A Stained Glass Quilt can capture the look of stained glass window using commercially available batik and hand dyed fabrics.
  • Leading can be created using a variety of materials and techniques.
  • A variety of applique techniques can be used to create Stained Glass Quilts

Tools and Supplies of a Stained Glass Quilt

You'll need these items to make a Stained Glass Quilt:

  • Basic Sewing Supplies
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pattern for the quilt or wall hanging
  • Fabric or trim for leading
  • Fabric for the stained glass design pieces.
What I Wish I Knew When I Started a Stained Glass Quilt

Batiks and Ricky's hand dyed fabric are a great choice for the 'glass' in a STAINED GLASS QUILT.  

Stained Glass Quilt Resources