Sewing Room

A Sewing Room is a space dedicated to sewing and sewing related hobbies. Often a dream come true, a sewing room is where you can leave your machine set up and your supplies laid out, as well as a place to store fabric and other items.  It doesn't need to be a room with 4 walls, but a dedicated space for your creative energy available for you at any time.

Benefits of a Sewing Room

  • A Sewing Room offers a space to house a growing collection of fabric and supplies
  • A Sewing Room doesn't necessarily need to be cleaned up before serving dinner or hosting company
  • A Sewing Room is a quiet place for you to sew without distraction

Tools and Supplies for a Sewing Room

You'll need the following for your Sewing Room:

  • Sewing table and chair
  • Organizational items and storage
  • Design Wall
  • Plenty of electric outlets with surge protectors
  • Lighting 
  • All your stuff!
What I Wish I Knew When I Started having a Sewing Room

Moving from the dining room table to a dedicated SEWING ROOM was life changing!  Look for tables and chairs that are ergonomic, after all you will be spending alot of time there. Take the time to layout the room so it is best for you and what you do.  

Sewing Room Resources