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Row by Row Quilt

Row by Row Quilts are quilts made up of rows of quilt blocks or components with each row distinct from the others.  This Quilt Style was embraced by the Row by Row Experience® in 2013 by Janet Lutz. The Row by Row Experience® is designed for quilters and shops alike. Each year a theme is announced on the Row by Row Experience website.  Quilt Stores and Fabric Shops are encouraged to participate by designing a 9" high by 36" wide "Row" for that years theme.  Participating shops register with the Row by Row Experience and appear in the listings of participating locations.  As quilters travel across the United States, Canada and Europe, during the summer they can check for local participating Quilt Shops and purchase the unique kit from that Shop for their Row by Row quilt. With over 3,000 Quilt Shops and over 10,000 quilters participating, in 2019-20, the Row by Row Experience transitioned to a slightly different format with Quilters Trek

The new Quilters Trek program changes are:

  • Participation begins on Memorial Day, ending in August and shops are now placed in 4 Regions.
  • A color theme is announced to add cohesiveness to the finished quilts.
  • Shops create create 4 - 9" designs that can be assembled as a  Row or 18" x 18" square that represents their area.
  • Quilters can collect Tokens in purchased kits and Timeless Treasures will continue to create a line of fabric supporting the annual theme.
  • Participating in Quilters Trek allows the Quilters to win prizes for finished quilts and Quilt Stores to have additional visits during the summer.

Benefits of a Row by Row Quilt

  • Making a Row by Row Quilt  or Quilters Trek Quilt will commemorate your vacation travel
  • The color or Theme selected may be new opportuntiy to work with a different color or quilting technique
  • A chance to visit a new Quilt Store is alway fun!

Tools and Supplies for Row by Row Quilt

  • Basic Sewing Supplies
  • Row by Row Quilt  or Quilters Trek patterns
  • Fabric
  • Quilting tools for the selected patterns
What I Wish I Knew When I Started - Row by Row Quilt

ROW BY ROW QUILT  or Quilters Trek Quilt is a great challenge for summer travelers to design a cohesive memory quilt of their Summer travels. The patterns, tokens and Timeless Treasures fabrics are available for a limited time.

Row by Row Quilt Resources