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Rag Quilt

A Rag Quilt is a quilt made with exposed seams that fray when laundered. A Rag Quilt is generally made with squares or strips and the seams are clipped at regular intervals to encourage fraying. Flannel is great for Rag Quilts as it will fray nicely.  When choosing your fabric be sure to consider how the fabric will fray on the edges. Blocks or strips are cut from the top and back fabrics, layered with a slightly smaller piece of batting and sewn together leaving the seams visible on one side. A rag quilt is a type of Quilt As You Go.  Depending on the selected batting and the size of the block, quilting is not required. If you do want the quilt quilted, it is easiest to quilt each block prior to assembling the quilt.  The blocks around the outside of the quilt need to be stitched closed, before clipping the edges as there is no binding on the edges. 

Benefits of a Rag Quilt

  • A Rag Quilt is a fast and easy way to make a cozy quilt for kids or adults.
  • Rag Quilts can be made with or without batting.
  • Rag Quilt is an alternative to a traditionally made quilt.

Tools and Supplies for a Rag Quilt

You'll need the following to make a Rag Quilt:

  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine
  • Walking foot
  • Scissors for clipping or Rag Quilt Fabric Die
  • Flannel or fabric that will fray on the edges 
What I Wish I knew When I Started making a Rag Quilt

Fleece makes a great backing for a RAG QUILT. Spring loaded scissors make the seam clipping much easier. An Accuquilt die with the fringe already clipped is even easier!!

Rag Quilt Resources