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Quilt Backing

Backing, or Quilt Backing, is the bottom layer of the quilt sandwich, which is the quilt top, batting and backing. It can be made from one piece of fabric, or pieced together from many fabrics. Generally made from cotton fabric, it can also be made of other substrates such as flannel, lawn or fleece. Sheets or decorator fabric should not be used due to the high thread count, which makes it hard to hand quilt and at times machine quilt. There are fabrics specifically made for large quilt backings, which are extra wide, however you can make your own backing out of multiple pieces of fabric. Backings are made larger than the quilt top in case the quilt shifts during the quilting process. If you are having your quilt machine quilted by a professional long arm quilter, check their requirements for backing size.

Benefits of Quilt Backing

  • A quilt Quilt Backing is an essential part of the quilt.
  • The backing can be an expression of your own style, the style of the quilt or they can be utilitarian.
  • A plain backing will show off your quilting design.
  • A flannel or fleece backing will make your quilt warm and cuddly and is perfect for baby kids, or lap quilts.

Tools and Supplies Quilt Backing

You will need the following to create a Quilt Backing

  • Tape measure 
  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Rotary Cutter, Ruler, Cutting Mat
  • Basic sewing supplies
What I Wish I Knew When I Started selecting a Quilt Backing

Back your light quilt with a light QUILT BACKING fabric as a dark quilt backing fabric might shadow through to the top. 

Quilt Backing Resources