Millefiori Quilt

A Millefiori Quilt is an interpretaion of the beautiful Venetian Millefiori Glass. Millefiori translates from Italian into English as "thousand flowers".  Quilters use the EPP (English Paper Piecing) technique to create the flowers in the quilts that fit together perfectly, with varying degree of complexity. The piecing components are hexagons, diamonds, squares and trapizoids in a variety of sizes made to create the designs.  The quilts using these templates are made more complex by fussy cutting the fabric to highlight the designs. These quilts are generally based on the books by Willyne Hammerstein.

Benefits of a Millefiori Quilt

  • A Millifiori Quilt is generally hand sewn, making this a very portable project.
  • A Millifiori quilt is the perfect vehicle for fussy cutting.
  • Millifiori quilts all look unique as the components and fabric vary for each quilt.

Tools and Supplies for a Millefiori Quilt

You will need the following for a Millefiori Quilt:

  • Hand sewing supplies
  • English Paper Piecing papers and/or templates
  • Fabric for your project
What I Wish I Knew When I Started a Millefiori Quilt

A MILLEFIORI QUILT can be a huge undertaking so it may not be for everyone!  There are scaled down patterns that produce similar results which might be a great place to start! There are techniques for machine sewing hexies; take a look if handwork is not for you.

Millefiori Quilt Resources