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Eric's Quilt by Wendy Grande Eric's Quilt by Wendy Grande

Memory Quilt

A Memory Quilt is a quilt is designed to celebrate the life of a loved one, a family history or an important event. Often the fabric used is cut from clothes or t-shirts to create the blocks or sashing. Signatures, messages and pictures are easily added to make each quilt unique to the owner or recipient. Signature Quilts and T-Shirt quilts are also types of Memory Quilts. 

Benefits of a Memory Quilt

  • A Memory Quilt made of the clothes of a lost loved one can give comfort to the grieving.
  • A Memory Quilt made of baby clothes is a fun way to remember all those cute baby outfits.
  • A Memory Quilt made of blocks from friends is a great gift for a friend who is moving away.
  • Using t-shirts, uniforms or pictures are a great way to capture the memories of trips, teams and special times.

Tools and Supplies for a Memory Quilt

You may need some of the following for a Memory Quilt:

  • Basic Sewing Supplies
  • Fabric
  • Clothes, t-shirts, uniforms 
  • Pictures printed on fabric
  • General design or layout of the quilt to be made
What I Wish I Knew When I Started making a Memory Quilt

Photographs printed on fabric make great additions to a MEMORY QUILT. Don't forget to check out the labels on the clothes - some are very entertaining!

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