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Knee Lift

A Knee Lift is a great ergonomic feature for any quilter or sewist.  Also known as a Free Hand System (FHS), a Knee Lift is a bar or lever, that locks into the lower right front of a sewing machine.  The bar is bent to extend below your sewing surface so with the nudge of your knee, three things happen:

  • The presser foot is lifted in proportion to the presser applied to the Knee Lift.
  • Raising the presser foot also releases the tension on the needle thread.
  • The feed dog is also dropped to allow pivoting, inserting or removing fabric.

It is often referred to as one of the major features on a sewing machine you never knew you needed until you used it!.

Benefits of a Knee Lift

  • The Knee Lift allows the sewist to keep their hands on the fabric being sewn while lifting the presser foot to change position or add more fabric pieces, as in chain piecing.
  • The Knee lift adds more control to the quilting process, with hands being kept in place while free motion quilting.

Supplies and Tools of a Knee Lift

A sewing machine with the Knee Lift feature and the bar to insert in the front of the machine.

What I Wished I Knew When I Started using a Knee Lift

A KNEE LIFT is invaluable for quilters and should be an important consideration when looking to purchase a sewing machine.

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