Charm Quilt

A Charm Quilt is a style of scrap quilt where no piece of fabric is repeated for any part of the quilt. Charm Quilts, also referred to as One Patch Quilts, are generally made of one shape repeated across the whole quilt. This was generally accomplished by asking for scraps from friends or exchanging fabrics to get a wide variety. Charm Quilts were popular from the 1870s for about 30 years, and then their popularity was revived in the 1930's.

Sometimes quilters would use a few pieces more than once and challenge people to find the repeating piece. With the advent of fabric manufacturers producing packs of fabric called Charm Packs, a Charm Quilt takes on the meaning of simply being made with charm packs.

Benefits of a Charm Quilt

  • A Charm Quilt would be a fun way to use a piece of every fabric in your quilt stash.
  • A Charm Quilt could be a record of your quilts over time.
  • A great way to use fabrics from exchanges, scraps from other projects and purchased Charm Packs.

Tools and Supplies for a Charm Quilt

You'll need the following to make a Charm Quilt:

  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Rotary cutter, ruler, self healing mat
  • Charm Pack, fabric scraps
  • Quilt Block - squares, diamonds, pyramid or Tumbler
What I Wish I Knew When I Started a Charm Quilt

It would have been fun to save a piece from every fabric sewn into the quilt to document my quilting history in a CHARM QUILT.

Charm Quilt Resources