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Triangles are one of the basic shapes used in patchwork. Simple patchwork triangles include half-square triangles, quarter square triangles, triangle in a square, half rectangle triangles, setting triangles and corner triangles. These types of triangles are easily cut with a rotary cutter and ruler. Other types of patchwork such as English Paper Pieced blocks, Foundation pieced blocks, Improvisational blocks and blocks made with templates, have triangles of varying sizes and angles. When working with triangles it's important to understand which types of triangles are used in each situation. Handle bias edges with care.

Benefits of Triangles

  • Triangles add movement and interest to a block.
  • Working with triangles opens up a large library of traditional blocks.

Tools and Supplies for Triangles

You'll need the following to make Triangles:

  • Fabric
  • Rotary cutter
  • Ruler and self-healing mat
What I wish I Knew When I Started making Triangles

TRIANGLES often get a bad rap when it comes to quilting. They can be a bit more challenging than your rectangle and square combination, but they allow you the freedom of working on all kinds of blocks as well as the ability to set your quilt on point. Learning ways to make sewing with triangles successful will expand your quilting horizons.

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