Lorel's Quilt Lorel's Quilt - photo by Mary Kay Davis

T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Quits are quilts made using the logos or graphics cut from T shirts. Any knit t-shirt can be used for these quilts; uniforms, racing or biking t-shirts, pockets, sleeves and commemorative t-shirts. They are most often made as a memory or memento quilt for the person who wore the T-shirts. 

Benefits of T-Shirt Quilts

  • T-Shirt Quilts are a great way to use the often colorful logos, school emblems and event designs printed on T-shirts.
  • All parts of the t-shirt can be used where a logo or information is printed: the pocket, on the back of the t-shirt, down the arm or pant leg.  Even the tag might have meaning or a funny saying.  All of these components can be used to make the quilt.
  • T-shirt Quilts are great first quilts as there are many simple ways to use the T-shirts for quilt blocks and make a fast and easy quilt with the t-shirt blocks and sashing.

Supplies and Tools for T-Shirt Quilts

  • T-Shirt Quilts, in various colors and motifs/designs. They are often centered on a common theme: running events, school events like band, sports, theater, etc.
  • Basic Sewing Supplies
  • Large square template, 12" to 18" square or a Slotted Ruler
  • Lightweight fusible interfacing is used to provide stablilty to the soft knit T-shirt fabric.
  • Quilting Fabrics to make blocks with the T-shirt designs.

What I Wished I Knew When I Started making T-Shirt Quilts

When making T-SHIRT QUILTS, choose the lightweight interfacing, heavy interfacing is difficult to sew through and not needed. To keep the quilt flat and easy to quilt, be sure to stitch the t-shirt to fabric and not another t-shirt. 

To personalize your T-Shirt quilt, add pictures to support the theme or fabric from panels.

Often the logos or motifs are not printed straight - don't worry, do your best and remember - it's a t-shirt!

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