Photos on Fabric

Photos on Fabric are simply that, photos that are printed on fabric. Photos can be used in all varieties of quilts including memory quilts, t shirt quilts, art quilts, and traditional quilts as well as all manner of accessories. There are many ways to transfer photos onto fabric for the home hobbyist, from the simplest of printing directly on fabric with your home printer, to using transfer mediums to transfer an image to fabric. Each method has its benefits and drawbacks, so consider the end use of your project in light of those restrictions.

Benefits of Photos on Fabric

  • Using Photos on Fabric can personalize your project.
  • Photos can be manipulated to create beautiful effects.

Tools and Supplies for Photos on Fabric

You'll these to start putting Photos on Fabric:

  • Photos - there are techniques for both hardcopy photos and digital photos.
  • Supplies vary based on the method you're using.
  • Fabric for the photos - a 200 threadcount works best for printing on fabric.
  • When printing the photos on fabric an Inkjet Printer works best.
What I Wish I Knew When I Started putting Photos on Fabric

There are many methods of transferring your PHOTOS on FABRIC. Before using your computer to print photos on fabric, be sure to check the settings and test, to get the best picture possible. If you don't succeed at one method, try another.

Photos on Fabric Resources