Americana Eagle - by Wendy Grande Americana Eagle - by Wendy Grande

Paint Sticks

Paint Sticks are a term to refer to Oil Sticks and Oil Pastels. Oil Stics are basically oil paint in a stick form and will eventually dry and cure like oil paint.  Oil Pastels are a cross between wax crayons and soft pastels.  Quilters generally use Oil Pastels and refer to them as Paint Sticks. They can be used to draw directly on fabric or applied with a stencil brush or rubbed on the fabric.  Paint sticks are permanent and after they dry they can be heat set. The paint will not change the hand of the fabric.

Benefits of Paint Sticks

  • Paints Sticks allow you to permanently create your own designs on fabric (Star and Stripes banner for the eagle was done with oil pastels on muslin.)
  • Block print with paint sticks
  • Enhance colors or create motifs on fabric

Tools and Supplies using Paint Sticks

  • Paint Sticks
  • Spray bottle with water and paint brushes
  • Short Bristle Brushes and Stencils
  • Paper plate to mix colors and muslin to apply the oil pastels to the fabric
  • Iron and Pressing sheet
What I Wish I Knew When I Started using Paint Sticks

Using PAINT STICKS can add dimension, depth, and contrast very easily.  Paint Sticks can also be used like crayons for children to draw pictures for a keepsake quilt.

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