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Negative Space Quilts

One of the defining traits of The Modern Quilter is the use of negative space in a quilt. The Modern Quilter often uses large expanses of negative space, or space in a single color, around other pieced or appliqued areas. This negative space is often heavily quilted adding to the design of the quilt. Large segments of negative space can add weight and focus to the design area of the piece, drawing you in and allowing the positive space (the object in the quilt or design space) to be the focus. Negative space also offers a place for secondary designs to appear between blocks. With Negative Space Quilts, the focus is as much on the design as it is the quilting.

Benefits of a Negative Space Quilt

  • Negative Space Quilts are the perfect place to showcase color, composition and quilting skills.
  • A Negative Space Quilt puts the focus on the overall design of the quilt.

Tools and Supplies for Negative Space Quilts

You'll need the following for Negative Space Quilts:

  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Rotary Cutter, ruler and self healing mat
  • Conceptual design for the quilt
What I Wish I Knew When I Started making Negative Space Quilts

NEGATIVE SPACE QUILTS, are quilts with large areas of negative space is a great way improve your own quilting skills or focus on a single element or object of your quilt.  The quilting in Negative Space quilts can be complex or as simple as straight lines placed close together.

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