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Kids Quilts

Kids Quilts are made specifically for children, often using bright and colorful fabrics and simple patterns for quick and easy construction. They range in size from 45" x 60" as a Crib Quilt up to a Twin Size of 72" x 90".

Benefits of Kids Quilts

  • Children love to have a soft, cuddly quilt to call their own for naps and bedtime. Making a small quilt for a small person you love is a great way to use your talents to provide a very special gift.
  • They are often smaller than twin-size, so Kids Quilts can be quick to make and finish. This is a good way to try out a new pattern or machine quilting.
  • Kids Quilts are often made for charity or donation quilts as service projects. They can be donated to First Responders or hospitals to give to children going through a tough time.

Supplies and Tools of Kids Quilts

  • Basic Sewing Supplies and notions needed for the quilt pattern selected.
  • There are many patterns for Kids Quilts, usually the quilt designs are easy to sew, and fast to make, often with large pieces of fabric.
  • Many fabrics are available for Kids Quilts, bright and colorful and often show cheerful motifs like animals, flowers, letters, sports motifs and other designs popular with children.
What I Wished I Knew When I Started making Kids Quilts

Making KIDS QUILTS is fast and fun and provides a way to share our talent with children who will appreciate the gift. Working with a group of quilters on a donation project is a good way to socialize while learning quilting techniques and contributing to the greater good.

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