Grandmother's Flower Garden Hexagon Quilt Grandmother's Flower Garden Hexagon Quilt Courtesy of Alex Anderson

Hexagon Quilts

Hexagon Quilts, or Hexies, are made using six-sided pieces called Hexagons, all of the sides and angles are the same . This tessallating pattern fits into an all-over design. It is the color and fabric placement of each hexagon that creates the pattern design. The traditional hexagon pattern is a Grandmothers Flower Garden with a center and 2 rows of concentric circles of hexagons on a white field. Hexagon quilts have reached a new level as quilters uses different arrangements, colors and fabrics to create unique designs. Hexigons are often used to embellish other quilt tops as flowers or focal points. 

Benefits of Hexagon Quilts

Most often sewn by hand, Hexagon Quilts can be a portable hand-sewing project the maker works on over time. Hexagon shapes are usually small, about 1" wide, which allows the use of small amounts of leftover fabric. Elaborate designs can be created with careful placement of color.

Supplies and Tools for Hexagon Quilts

  • Paper templates-  Hexagon Quilts are usually sewn with fabric wrapped over paper pieces, English Paper Piecing. The paper pieces can be cut individually or purchased in quantity, already cut to size. Basting stitches or glue are the two most common methods to adhere the fabric to the paper. Basting stitches can go through the paper or only through the fabric. Water-soluble fabric glue is a fast way to baste the fabric to the paper pattern.
  • Basic Sewing Supplies- Once prepared, the pieces are sewn by hand with needle and thread, with using a whipstitch or the "flat-back" method, where the pieces are laid flat and the edges are sewn with small stitches on the back of the pieces.  The Hexies can also be pieced by machine. 
  • Once the pieces are stitched together, the paper pieces are removed.
  • Some makers use graph paper and colored pencils to draw out elaborate planned designs for fabric placement.
What I Wished I Knew When I Started making Hexagon Quilts

The HEXAGON QUILTS technique can be addictive. Having an ongoing Hexie project available to take on the go is a good plan. Using water-soluble fabric glue to baste the fabric around the paper makes that process exceptionally fast. Hexagons can also be stitched by machine.

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