Batiks are a type of fabric often used in quiltlmaking. They are made by a "resist" process where the designer uses wax to prevent dye from penetrating some areas of the cloth, leaving those areas un-dyed. The process can be repeated many times to create complex designs, using many colors. This process originated in Indonesia and today, most Batik fabric is still made there. Batiks are made of both cotton and rayon base cloth. Because they are very labor intensive to produce, batiks usually cost more than printed fabrics.

Benefits of Batiks

  • Batiks are beautiful fabrics that work very well in complex quilt designs.
  • The base fabric is tightly woven, making it a good choice for applique.
  • Batiks can be included in today's quilts with other, more traditional cotton quilt fabrics.
  • Batiks printed on Rayon make for lovely garments, as the Rayon has a soft drape that works well for clothing.

Supplies and Tools for Batiks

Batiks are available at quilt shops and online retailers. There are even Quilters' Tours to Indonesia to see the fabric being made and buy fabrics directly from the designers.

What I Wish I Knew When I Started using Batiks

Collecting BATIKS is addicting--they are so beautiful it is easy to get carried away when shopping.

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