Applique Templates

An Applique Template is an object made in a shape that can be traced to make applique pieces. Quilt patterns provide illustrations of the applique shapes, which can be transferred to the template material. Templates can be made from thin plastic, thin cardboard, paper or freezer paper. An Applique Template can be used to make multiple pieces for applique. Always insure that you've accurately made your template including any pattern markings, numbers or instructions on the illustrations. This information is important for applique pieces that may be layered. For complex applique designs, don't cut the template out until you are ready to use it. Keep applique pieces together in a container until ready to use.

Benefits of Applique Templates

  • Applique Templates allows you to trace and cut multiple units quickly.
  • Clear Applique Templates allow for fussy cutting motifs on fabric or using stripes and directional prints.

Tools and Supplies for Applique Templates

  • Applique Template material
  • Marking tools
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Permanent Marker
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Applique Templates

Always check your patterns to determine if applique pieces need to be reversed.

When using paper APPLIQUE TEMPLATES, watch for signs of wear.

When using a template for needle turn applique, check the instructions as they may state to trace the template "just inside the line" so when the fabric is folded under it will be on the line.

When printing templates from a pattern be sure to check that the size is accurate after printing.  Most will have a 1" square that is easy to check on a ruler when printed.

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