WeAllSew Tutorial: How to Wrap Fabric on a Frame

Create a custom piece of unique wall art by stretching a mini-quilt, quilt square, or piece of your favorite fabric print on a canvas stretcher by learning How to Wrap Fabric on a Frame from Lee Heinrich at WeAllSew. Your Dad will love getting "pieces" of you!


From Lee Heinrich at WeAllSew:


"Pieced fabric wrapped on a frame has been all over Instagram lately—it’s a trendy modern take on the traditional mini-quilt! While I do love the texture quilting can give to a piece like this, wrapping it on a frame instead gives it a clean, minimalist, graphic feel that’s right at home in modern décor. Plus it’s an easy and quick way to finish something off. So give it a try on your next small project! Here’s a tutorial on how I do it.


Click Here, or the image below, to go to the tutorial and learn more.




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