WeAllSew Tutorial: How to Make Cat Wand Toys

"Learn how to make a set of cat wand toys featuring a floppy fish, a chonky mouse or a spooky spider" from Erika Mulvenna at WeAllSew. This fun project will make a great treat for your cat to enjoy for hours on end once finished.


From Erika Mulvenna at WeAllSew:


"Learn how to make a set of cat wand toys featuring a floppy fish, a chonky mouse or a spooky spider. Attach the toys to your hand made wand or just finish them as-is for some kitty free-play. These easy-to-sew wand toys are tested and approved by our sibling cats Issac and Bea, and they are a hit! These wand toys make great gifts and wonderful donations!


Making toys to enrich your pet’s playtime is fun and rewarding, especially when you can create playthings that are safe for pets. A good rule of thumb for pet toys is to avoid these things; any thin string or wire that may cut a pet’s paw or mouth during play, any small bits that may come loose and be ingested, any feathers or plastic bags, and any sharp or pointy bits that could harm your pet. You can also inspect your pets’ toys periodically to make sure there are no broken or sharp parts, we do this at least once a week when we’re picking up all the toys to put them away. Are you ready to create some fun new toys for your feline friends?"


Click Here to download the FREE Pattern for the Cat Toy Shapes.


Click Here, or the image below, to go to the tutorial to learn more.




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