WeAllSew Tutorial: A Guide To Using Monofilament Thread

When you want your work to be seen, but not actually see the work being done, you would use a monofilament thread. The trouble is, working with this "invisible" thread can be more of a challenge than you think. That's where Susan Beck at WeAllSew comes in with her handy guide to using this tricky thread.


From Susan Beck at WeAllSew:


"Also called invisible and nylon, monofilament thread is exactly that—one long filament, rather than small pieces twisted together. Even though it is often called nylon thread, it can also be made of 100% polyester. Monofilament thread is used in places where you want the thread to be invisible or as inconspicuous as possible. In general, it’s for any project where you want the thread to disappear."


Click Here, or the image below, to learn more.




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