The Quilt Show Puzzle: "Clerestory" by Debbie Grifka

Do a puzzle of Debbie Grifka's quilt, Clerestory.

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TQS Puzzle: "Ephemeral Elegance" by Debbie Grifka

Debbie's lovely quilt, Ephemeral Elegance, won First Place for First Entry in an AQS Show/Small Wall Quilt category at Paducah 2011.

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Trailer 2604: How to Make a Minimalist Modern Quilt with Debbie Grifka | Circles with Cheryl Phillips

Debbie Grifka shares tips for going in a new direction with your art by telling us about her 100-day project and how she does her minimalist designs. Plus, Cheryl Phillips shows you how to have success with circles.

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