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The Quilt Show Puzzle: "Blossomed" by Heidi Proffetty

Do a puzzle of Heidi Proffetty's quilt, Blossomed.


Here's what Heidi had to say about her quilt Blossomed when she first made it. "This quilt is based on a photograph I recently took of my daughter as I watch her grow and blossom into a beautiful young woman. I hand drew the mosaic design. It is raw edge, fused and then free motion stitched. There are over 4,000 tiny pieces that make up this quilt."


Click Here to see the Full Quilt.


See more of Heidi's quilts in How to Create Mosaic Quilts with Heidi Proffetty | Quilt Embellishments with Ricky Tims.


BlossomedbyHeidiProffetty - 35 Pieces Non-Rotating

BlossomedbyHeidiProffetty - 99 Pieces Non-Rotating

BlossomedbyHeidiProffetty - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

BlossomedbyHeidiProffetty - 35 Pieces Rotating

BlossomedbyHeidiProffetty - 99 Pieces Rotating

BlossomedbyHeidiProffetty - 300 Pieces Rotating




Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


Darci Bodin
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Wow! This is stunning.

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