CLICK TO SORT BY Show # CLICK TO SORT BY Artist CLICK TO SORT BY Techniques Description Start/Finish times
101 Bob Purcell Thread Differences in cotton threads 29:46-38:10
101 Joe Cunningham Basting Make your own frame and basting 17:55-28:23
101 Bob Purcell Fabric stop fabric from bleeding 17:45-17:51
102 Vikki Pignatelli Piecing: Improvisational Piecing & machine applique 19:35-38:24
102 Alex Anderson Sewing Machine Spool holders on machine 16:46-19:07
103 Joen Wolfrom Color Inspiration Photo Imagery and visual coloring 23:00-36:51
103 Gregory Case Photography photographing your quilt 37:30-44:25
103 Ricky Tims Organization Storing threaded bobbins #103
104 Cheryl Malkowski One Block Quilts piecing a traditional block 11:30-15:15
104 Gregory Case Photography Using camera at a quilt show 29:00-34:00
104 Cheryl Malkowski One block Quilts Y seam Magic 16:21-26:45
105 Barbara Olson Art Quilts Jump start your creativity 16:41-37:35
105 Cheryl Sterling Art Quilts Quilted Portraits 12:18-16:00
105 Bob Purcell Thread When to use polyester thread 7:20-11:55
106 Gadgets Notions new notions 28:29-33:13
106 Denise Labadie Painting on Fabric: Landscapes painting on fabric 18:54-28:30
107 Gadgets Notions accurate cutting #107
107 Gadgets Notions ergonomics #107
107 Alex Anderson Ironing/Pressing freezing fabric to iron later 19:18-20:24
107 Ricky Tims Website How to use the blog 47:00-48:24
107 Jean Wells Applique: Fusible making a machine appliqued block 11:42-42:20
107 Ricky Tims Piecing One seam flying geese 1:50-7:20
107 Jean Wells Photography photo transfer & adding dimension #107
107 Gregory Case Photography photos for photo transfer 7:50-11:20
107 Jean Wells Applique: Fusible stabilizing your work 11:42-42:20
107 Gadgets Notions using a design wall 43:10-47:00
108 Alex Anderson Traditional Blocks Making a signature block 2:20-7:10
108 Ricky Tims Traditional Blocks Making a signature block 7:08-13:26
108 Mary Fisher Art Quilts painting on fabric #108
108 Mary Fisher Art Quilts painting on fabric #108
108 Mary Fisher Art Quilts stamping fabric and block printing 14:45-28:29
109 Mickey Depre Art Quilting A visit to her studio 1:47-5:54
109 Susan Cleveland Piping and curved piecing adding piping #109
109 Heather Purcell Thread For quilting and designing 6:50-13:19
109 Susan Cleveland Piecing: Curves sewing curves and adding piping 14:15-25:02
110 Pam Holland Piecing Elies block- drapplique (drawing and applique) 18:45-33:18
110 Alex Anderson Applique freezer paper method for hand applique 1:25-7:40
110 Gadgets Notions how to hang your quilt 33:34-37:41
110 Alex Anderson Marking Tools sharpening pencils with sandpaper 16:00-17:45
110 Gadgets Notions storing your quilts #110
111 Ann Fahl Applique creating her cat quilts #111
111 Ricky Tims Quilted Postcards making a memento quilt/postcard 1:25-10:25
111 Gadgets Notions making quilting easier 42:02-48:35
111 Ricky Tims Quilting: Marking Using painter's tape for marking your quilt 32:30-34:00
111 Ann Fahl Thread Painting Using thread to color your quilt 16:00-32:15
112 Libby Lehman Sewing Machine: Feet free motion and cording feet for your machine 2:30-9:28
112 Gregory Case Photography photo styling or using camera to take 38:45-44:15
112 Gregory Case Photography pictures while quilt is in progress #112
112 Libby Lehman Art Quilts/Thread Painting Ribbon Illusion and Thread Play 10:15-20:25
112 Heather Purcell Thread Thread effects on your quilts 32:15-37:26
113 Virginia Avery Quilting Legend Quilted Garments and a visit to her home #113
201 Judith Montano Restoration How to restore vintage quilts 39:04-41:37
201 Bob Purcell Thread Polyester vs. cotton thread 44:27-50:22
201 Ricky Tims Quilt Storage safely storing your quilts 26:10-27:20
201 Alex Anderson Redwork starting and stopping with no knots 2:13-7:16
201 Judith Montano Stitching/embroidery watercoloring- silk ribbonry- embroidery 7:55-25:55
202 Gadgets Notions change the size of your blocks 7:31-12:38
202 Gadgets Notions makes machine quilting easier 7:31-12:38
202 Cindy Needham Antique Linens marking and quilting on antique linens 22:33-40:45
202 Gadgets Notions marking quilts and innovative tools 7:31-12:38
202 Alex Anderson Piecing: Hand techniques for hand quilting 1:08-7:37
203 Alex Anderson Pinning accuracy and making a 9 patch block 2:20-6:28
203 Suzanne Marshall Applique and embroidery accuracy with points- design and embroidery 25:47-45:49
203 Alex Anderson Tip getting blocks from design wall to machine 24:09-25:45
203 Gadgets Notions great tools 6:39-12:49
204 Ricky Tims Piecing: Curves improvisational caveman curves 1:25-8:34
204 Gregory Case Photography photo sizing and megapixels 8:43-14:50
204 Louisa Smith Piecing: Curves strip sets into curved piecing 15:04-23:34
205 Bonnie McCaffery Digi Bobbe Digitized bobbin embroidery 9:31-19:42
205 Ricky Tims Embroidery: Machine hooping for machine embroidery and applique 1:25-7:56
205 Gregory Case Photography The proper way to potograph quilts 27:20-31:25
206 Alex Anderson Quilting: Designs Creating Feathered Quilting designs 1:30-6:10
206 Ricky Tims Quilting: Machine Great tips for machine quilting 6:30-8:30
206 Bill Kerr Piecing: Curves how to sew curved seams 32:02-37:30
206 Ricky Tims Quilting: Machine How to start and stop tips for machine quilting 12:40-13:45
206 Alex and Ricky Applique sharing applique tips 22:15-22:50
206 Weeks Ringle Design solid color fabric to give impressionistic feel 24:30-32:02
207 Gadgets Notions great tools for longarm or domestic quilting 39:30-47:20
207 Ricky Tims Design how to choose the right design for your quilt 7:00-8:50
207 Ricky Tims Quilting: Machine quilting a large quilt on a domestic machine 2:42-4:44
207 Sue Patten Quilting Longarm: Design using the longarm for design and applique 10:43-23:02
208 Bob Purcell Thread choosing the right needles for your project 7:35-11:08
208 Ricky Tims Piecing demos his fractured courthouse steps quilt 1:20-7:30
208 Ricky Tims Design design tips and repetitive options 30:50-34:40
208 Jane Davila Design/Embellishing showing "emphasis" in your quilt designs 11:30-20:10
209 Gadgets Notions great tools 45:54-51:10
209 Ricky Tims Piecing: Improvisational making a wonky star 2:05-15:00
209 Alex Anderson Cutting strip cutting technique 25:12-26:58
209 Annie Smith Value using the square in a star block to teach value 26:59-45:50
210 Alex Anderson applique demos how to applique 4" postage stamp basket block 1:43-10:26
210 Beth Ferrier Applique: Machine hand applique by machine -" appliquist" 10:49-26:04
210 Bob Purcell Thread tension tips for setting machine tension properly 37:00-40:25
211 Beth Wheeler Photography- thread work- computer technology altered photo artistry 16:46-28:23
211 Alex Anderson Binding binding from start to finish- mitered edges 1:16-7:09
211 Gadgets Notions keeping your rulers organized and in reach 7:20-9:00
212 Alex and Ricky Inspiration Traditional Columbia State Park-Fancy Dry Goods Store 20:20-25:36
212 Lindy Miller Traditional blocks Star block demo 38:10-43:43
212 Alex and Ricky Inspiration Traditional Quilts Trip to Groveland- CA 4:44-31:15
213 Alex and Ricky Inspirational meet Carolee Hensley of the Cotton Patch- Lafayette- CA- choosing fabrics for your project 5:10-10:31
213 Mary Mashuta Quilting: Machine Taking the fear out of machine quilting 33:20-46:15
213 Roberta Horton Labeling Quilts using quilt labels for artistic statement 24:57-32:38
301 Ricky Tims Piecing setting in corners 1:38-11:05
301 Jane Sassaman Fabric & Design shares how to use large prints and designing fabric 12:03-30:06
302 Sally Dutko Art Quilts/ Embellishment fabric lace- tubing- inking and painting 29:39-41:55
302 Ricky Tims Applique machine scribble applique 6:50-12:50
302 Alex Anderson Piecing strippy inserts and prairie points 16:20-24:20
303 Bob Purcell Thread choosing the right thread 49:25-54:24
303 Laura Wasilowski Applique: Fusible cutting and fusing techniques 29:48-48:46
303 Ricky Tims Convergence how to make a convergence quilt 1:28-14:00
303 Gadgets Notions tools to keep you organized 14:40-21:35
304 Ricky Tims Design shares design basics- designing on point 10:45-18:48
304 Sue Garman Applique shares shortcuts- tips and tricks- using precuts 26:52-37:12
304 Merrily Parker Quilting Longarm: Design shows the features of the Gammill longarm 2:15-9:53
305 Eleanor Burns Piecing: Traditional Blocks flying geese- partial seams- 9 patch- Y seams using strips- swag border 21:59-46:25
305 Ricky Tims Piecing shares string pieced block- using random strips for fun and fast quilts 1:30-11:02
306 Gadgets Notions keeping your mat in tip top shape 10:50-16:52
306 Kim Deneault Applique: Reverse learn how to do raggedy reverse applique 24:00-31:08
306 Alex Anderson Piecing shows how to make Sawtooth Star Block 1:40-10:10
307 Gregory Case Photography photo image sizing 12:15-16:25
307 Ricky Tims Mitered Corners shows how to get a perfect mitered corner 2:30-12:02
307 Paula Nadelstern kaleidoscope quilts shows how to make her puzzle quilts 28:00-38:18
307 Alex Anderson Squaring up tips on squaring up your blocks 26:30-27:55
308 Gadgets Notions finding what you need for quilting 41:33-42:55
308 Gregory Case Photography photographing your quilt- lots of tips 32:39-37:00
308 Gina Perkes Applique: Raw Edge tips on how to raw edge applique on a Longarm 20:50-22:50
308 Alex and Ricky Piecing tips on piecing accurately 2:00-8:40
308 Gina Perkes Quilting Longarm: Design using the longarm for making fabric and tips 22:57-32:34
309 Susan P. Mark Applique: Fusible how to make the venetian scroll 19:48-24:20
309 Gadgets Notions making designing a snap 32:28-41:35
309 Daphne Greig Applique: Fusible simple stain glass pattern 24:50-29:45
309 Alex Anderson Piecing the 6 minute circle 2:00-11:20
310 Ricky Tims Binding demos mitered binding 1:21-13:20
310 Liuxin Newman Applique: Hand Turned she demos hand techniques and has many great tips 13:27-34:10
311 Joanna Figueroa Piecing/ Diamonds learning to deal with the diamond shape and precuts 22:05-35:18
311 Alex Anderson Piecing the perfect pinwheel 2:03-11:42
311 Gina Halladay Blogs trends in the quilting industry 12:28-21:07
312 Ricky Tims Applique: Machine demos the double blanket stitch 1:45-12:56
312 Melody Crust Embellishment shares her bling techniques- using paint on fabric 26:15-43:20
313 Jinny Beyer Quilting Legend tour of her home and store- personal design and color inspiration 2:25-59:10
401 Bob Purcell Needles choosing the right sewing machine needle 40:40-44:06
401 Margaret Miller Piecing design options from a 4 patch block with stunning results 1:47-10:48
401 Margaret Miller Piecing Angles using the elongated angles in your quilts 20:40-40:25
402 Sue Nickels Applique: Raw Edge demonstration of raw edge applique 21:13-42:38
402 Ricky Tims Embroidery: Machine giving new life to your quilts using embroidery 7:00-12:45
402 Gadgets Notions making quilting more doable 44:52-49:57
402 Gregory Case Photography self publishing-photography in book form 1:40-6:47
403 Ricky Tims kaleidoscope quilts draw-cut- sew- press and build a kaleidoscope quilt along with Ricky 9:55-39:25
404 Elly Sienkiewicz Dogtooth border constructing the dogtooth border- accuracy 25:50-48:36
404 Elly Sienkiewicz embroidery demonstrates stitches and ribbon embroidery 49:00-1:04:04
404 Alex Anderson Fabric/ Color fabric selections and color value 11:09-18:10
404 Gadgets Notions great ideas and tips 2:50-10:26
405 Valorie Wells Applique circle applique with freezer paper 13:40-18:55
405 Valorie Wells Grocery Tote how to make a simple tote bag 2:30-13:20
405 Ricky Tims Trapunto mock bobbin trapunto 24:20-34:40
406 David Taylor Art Quilts design and construction of a David Taylor quilt 29:00-51:35
406 Ricky Tims Art Quilting making a grid art quilt 8:40-16:25
406 Bob Purcell Thread troubleshooting thread issues 1:15-8:35
407 Alex Anderson Design basic design tips to jazz up your traditional quilt 1:45-9:25
407 Elsie Campbell Piecing: Precision choosing fabric- 8 pointed star- HST- and tips for precision piecing 25:46-44:36
407 Gregory Case Photography photo journey of TQS behind the scenes 47:08-56:35
407 Bob Purcell Thread what do the different thread weights mean 9:40-13:56
408 Alex Anderson Flange demos a "thread catcher" or flange 37:04-39:30
408 Alex Anderson Applique: Machine demos machine applique and lots of tips 21:40-36:48
408 Alex Anderson Neutrals working with neutrals for astounding results 13:42-21:40
409 Cindy Brick Crazy Quilts quick techniques to create a crazy quilt 28:07-42:00
409 Ricky Tims Design simple design techniques 1:55-12:45
409 Ricky Tims Design Tips to create Ricky's Simple Gifts quilt 25:43-28:07
410 John Flynn Indian Wedding Ring how to create the wedding ring and/or pickle dish quilt 25:04-35:45
410 Ricky Tims Trapunto machine trapunto feathers 1:30-15:20
410 Alex and Ricky Cutting tips on strip cutting 24:14-25:02
411 Alex and Ricky Sewing Machine cleaning your machine 18:00-19:28
412 Susan Schrempf Embroidery: Machine embroider with silk ribbon on your machine 21:02-40:17
412 Alex Anderson UFO Blocks making those extra blocks into pillows 0:45-13:30
413 Rose Hughes Applique: Fast pieced fast pieced applique based on photography 21:31-38:20
413 Alex Anderson Binding how to make a scalloped edge binding 1:50-13:12
413 Gadgets Notions make quilting fun 40:45-50:05
501 Ricky Tims Design achieving luminosity with value in fabrics 1:33-11:58
501 Gadgets Notions fused glass 43:29-47:30
501 Melinda Bula applique fusible flowers using applique methods 25:02-41:12
502 Analie Belden Design: Dresden Plate different ways to create the Dresden plate block and a no measure border technique 20:10-32:45
502 Alex Anderson Heart Block how to make a heart block 1:20-13:58
502 Gadgets Notions tools to make the job easier 35:19-44:30
503 Sue Garman Quilting Longarm: Design designing a quilt with the longarm 2:08-12:24
503 Sharon Malec Pictorial Quilts Dog Quilts and how she makes them 38:03-41:54
503 Cathy Franks Quilting Longarm: Design thread weaving on the longarm 22:40-35:35
504 Marti Michell Quilt as you go- Circular Log Cabin demonstrates how to quilt as you go and the Log Cabin quilt 27:40-31:25
504 Alex Anderson Design drafting tips for success 38:00-43:11
504 Gadgets Notions making the quilting life easier and fun 33:29-39:27
504 Marti Michell Cutting shares her best cutting techniques 10:55-25:20
505 Alex Anderson Stitching: Hand shows how to do hand blanket stitching 7:20-12:15
505 Ricky Tims Embroidery: Machine shows reverse applique with satin stitch on the machine 17:35-23:00
506 Esterita Austin Photo Quilts creating using photos and freezer paper 22:25-31:30
506 Jan Krentz LeMoyne Star how to make this star with no "Y" seams 1:30-10:50
506 Dan Purcell Blogging internet blogging and websites for quilters 31:50-39:12
507 Judith B. Montano Stitching: Hand for Purses demos for several purses 31:30-41:22
507 Alex and Ricky Gifts fabric gifts to make 41:46-45:08
507 Jeanie S. Ajero Kaleidoscope gift cards how to make gifts for other using the kaleidoscope pattern 1:35-15:08
507 Rebecca Kemp Brent Embroidery: Machine multiple gift ideas using machine embroidery 15:43-30:22
508 Alex Anderson Kaleidoscope Block traditional kaleidoscope block 23:41-40:07
509 Joanie Zeier Poole Quilting: Machine heirloom machine quilting 19:44-34:05
509 Alex Anderson Piecing how to piece an isosceles triangle in a square 1:20-11:55
509 Gregory Case Photography photographing quilts at shows 35:10-40:50
510 Patt Blair Drawing and Painting drawing and painting that anyone can do 22:48-38:55
510 Tammy Finkler Quilting Longarm: Design making whole cloth quilts on a longarm 2:00-13:10
511 Terrie Sandelin Miniature Quilts fast and precise techniques for making miniatures 16:12-33:10
512 Ricky Tims Design building designs using the AccuQuilt 24:00-34:40
512 Gadgets Notions making cutting so much easier 37:01-43:30
512 Sharon Pederson Applique: Machine using many techniques to get the results you want 9:34-23:55
512 Libby Lehman Quilting Legend Libby Lehman History  
513 Libby Lehman Thread Techniques creating radiant circles 27:06-37:35
513 Libby Lehman Organization how to get organized 16:12-26:43
601 Jinnny Beyer Design design your own tessallation 12:55-23:14
601 Alex Anderson Piecing efficient ways to piece 1:13-11:35
601 Gadgets Notions high end sewing tools 47:28-51:15
601 Jinny Beyer Piecing: Hand learn the fine art of hand piecing 24:45-47:36
602 Bob Purcell Thread busting the thread myths 11:01-18:45
602 Gadgets Notions getting things under control 54:20-56:58
602 Ricky Tims photo imagery photo imagery and color choices 1:35-11:00
602 Carol Doak Paper Piecing tips for successful paper piecing 27:24-48:55
603 Karla Alexander Shuffling block shuffling- stack the deck- the new traditional quilt blocks 25:07-43:34
603 Gayle Hillert Embellishment decorative stitches on your machine and how to use them 1:35-17:20
604 Alex Anderson Design: Drafting learn to draft the 8 pointed star 0-11:20
604 Linda Taylor Quilting Longarm: Design stacked feathers- machine doodling 22:47-38:15
604 Gregory Case Photography upgrading your camera- single lens reflex 40:00-45:45
605 Dan Purcell Computer connecting computer to TV for viewing 35:50-46:50
605 Ricky Tims Resist Dyeing make your own fabric with school glue 1:25-9:00
605 Kate Cox Improvisational Landscape Quilts using a photo- raw-edged applique and free motion quilting you learn to make your own landscape 20:46-34:56
606 Alex Anderson Traditional blocks LeMoyne star and split LeMoyne made easy 0:00-14:02
606 Philippa Naylor Trapunto shows us her trapunto techniques 25:10-41:60
607 Rami Kim Fabric Folding 3 dimensional "chopkey"- folded squares and Hexagons and lightening bugs 19:50-36:37
607 Rami Kim Fabric Folding: Garments fabric folding in garment construction 36:45-43:20
607 Ricky Tims Prairie Points prairie points for edging and embellishing 2:10-9:50
608 Pat Holly Applique: Machine creating your own background fabric with stitching- framing miniature quilts along with applique tips 1:33-18:55
608 Jennnifer Forest decorative stitching crewel and embroidery- hand stitching 30:39-36:05
608 Alex Anderson Quilting Hand: feather & lazy daisy teaching the feather stitch and lazy daisy stitch 36:35-46:07
609 Judy Woodworth Quilting: Feathers mastering free form feathers on your machine or a longarm 1:00-19:48
609 Bonnie Browning Borders & Bindings mathless borders solutions and binding techniques 29:10-45:18
610 Ricky Tims Bobbin applique applique with bobbin thread 30:58-38:55
610 Cynthia England Picture Piecing piecing with freezer paper 9:00-18:10
610 Cynthia England Photo imagery using your own pictures to design your own pieced quilt 18:20-29:30
611 Alex and Ricky Texture Magic designing with texture magic 2:20-8:00
611 Becky Goldsmith Applique learning to needleturn applique the Piece O' Cake way 19:17-34:10
611 Ricky Tims Applique single shape designs and creating your own designs for applique 35:08-42:03
612 Gloria Loughman Landscape Quilts shares her process focusing on color and design 17:17-38:50
613 Alex and Ricky Fabric baskets demo how to make fabric baskets 0:00-11:53
613 Laura Cater-Woods 3 Dimensional quilts using found fabrics- papers- etc.to make books 24:15-40:20
701 Nancy Brown Design designing an animal portrait applique 28:50-34:15
701 Nancy Brown Animal Portrait Applique showing you how to create portrait applique 6:42-19:52
702 Lura Schwarz Smith Photo Printing enhancing your printed images 18:50-29:05
702 Kerby Smith Photo Printing getting good color printing on fabric 0:00-17:56
703 Rachel Clark Piecing a Braid magical tricks to build fabric- create 9 patches into braids 19:30-37:10
703 Renae Haddadin Design: Drafting shows how to draft Mariner's Compass- New York Beauty- circles- etc 1:20-9:18
704 Dale Fleming Fabric Choices creating rhythym and balance in your quilts 39:14-46:00
704 Dale Fleming Pieced Curves easy pieced curves 9:00-26:18
704 Dale Fleming Piecing: 6 minute Circle quick and accurate pieced circle 27:35-35:06
705 Frieda Anderson Applique: Fusible fun- fast fusibles for great results 22:40-40:15
706 Camille Roskelley Embellishment adding monograms- rick rack and blanket stitch to your quilts 3:42-15:35
706 Alex Anderson Drawstring Bag shows you how to create a fun drawstring bag 31:15-40:08
707 Judy Mathieson Paper Piecing: Mariner's Compass foundation piecing with freezer paper and special techniques to get perfect points 7:42-36:55
708 Terrie Hancock Mangat Applique: Reverse hand stitching reverse applique and outlining stitch 28:00-45:38
708 Gayle Hillert Embellishment the many ways you can use your machine to embellish with cording- binding- embroidery - labels- etc. 1:22-14:25
709 Marcia Stein Applique: Machine building the applique photo quilt 18:10-28:57
709 Alex Anderson Visual texture choosing fabrics that sing together 1:57-8:42
709 Marcia Stein Photo Quilts making graphic quilts from photographs 9:40-16:58
710 Laura Nownes Tumbling Block- Diamonds choosing fabric and cutting diamonds 4:20-13:42
710 Laura Nownes Piecing: Y Seams learn to make Y seams accurately 14:55-28:42
711 Alex Anderson House Block Great time saving tips 1:23-10:40
711 Rosalie Dace Piecing innovative piecing lines and curves 32:05-50:35
712 Ami Simms Applique: Machine Pup-us-Dog-us applique quilts and fast finish triangles 25:30-37:45
713 Yvonne Porcella Legend & Self Portrait fun and freeing approach to quilting 30:30-40:35
713 Yvonne Porcella Painting on Fabric: Silk how to paint on silk for different effects 41:20-55:20
801 Susan Carlson Collaged Portraits creating portraits from lots of scraps 34:30-42:30
801 Ricky Tims Pieced Slivers improvisationally inserting slivers of fabric into your quilt blocks 1:20-8:55
801 Susan Carlson Fabric Collage using lots of fabric paint your way to a gorgeous quilt collage 20:25-33:50
802 Edyta Sitar Scrap Quilts create beautiful scrap quilts with HST's- and strips 24:30-50:20
802 Alex Anderson Design: Feathered Wreath how to draw the traditional feathered wreath 1:38-12:48
803 Ricky Tims Design teaches design and creates a Rhapsody Quilt 0:00-45:37
804 Ricky Tims Piecing: Curves no pins curved piecing and set in corners 23:30-36:10
804 Ricky Tims Applique preparing and cutting for raw edge appliqie and using the double blanket stitch 0:38-23:02
805 Darra Williamson Applique: Fusible Making the sunbonnet Sue block with fusible applique 14:50-44:00
806 Verna Mosquera Applique: Needle Turn inspiration- color- design and tips for perfect needleturn applique 14:20-37:44
807 Ronda Beyer Quilting: Machine curved cross hatching and using stencils for machine or longarm quilting 10:30-25:50
807 Gregory Case Photography optimizing color to take good shots for entering quilts in shows 43:48-49:30
808 Ricky Tims Mono printing dyeing fabric using mono prints 3:00-7:58
808 Jo Morton Piecing: Traditional Blocks Using Ohio Star to teach pressing and accuracy in piecing 23:48-35:50
809 Alex Anderson Paper Piecing tools- tricks- tips- fabric selection and curved seam stitching for excellent paper pieced results 1:45-44:05
810 Sue Spargo Folk Art/Embellishment combines textiles and unusual shapes to stitch and embellish her amazing folk art 10:50-41:18
811 Cheryl Lynch Folk Art/Judaic Art using computer- cut-outs- rick rack and other embellishments to create Tile inspired quilts 10:50-43:40
812 Rob Appell Art Quilts create an endagered species quilt using fusible and raw edged applique 11:25-25:08
812 Rob Appell Quilting: Machine tension- tips- and ergonomics of free motion machine quilting 26:18-38:48
813 Wendy Grande Embroidery: Silk applique with silk- silk ribbon embroidery- rouching and stitches for amazing results 13:55-45:30
901 Susan Brubaker Knapp Contemporary Art Quilts using photos- thread painting and sketching to create a quilt 29:30-44:52
901 Susan Brubaker Knapp Applique: Needle Turn vines- sharp concave and convex curves along with traditional tips and techniques 11:00-28:40
902 Ricky Tims Piecing: Improvisational Creating Chantelle using improvisational piecing 0:58-12:19
902 Lola Jenkins Pictorial Quilts fantasy collage techniques to create pictorial quilts with fabric panels 25:55-37:55
903 Velda Newman Large scale Art Quilts designing a large scale art quilt 36:20-42:18
903 Velda Newman Quilting: Machine innovative machine stitching with line and texture to bring your quilt to life 25:30-35:27
903 Velda Newman Art Quilts painting techniques on fabric and giving shape to a flat surface 10:24-24:29
904 Alex Anderson Designs: Quilting create your own designs for quilting traditional through contemporary 1:30-9:34
904 Sarah Vedeler Embroidery: Machine using technology and digitizing for amazing results 18:52-34:15
905 Ricky Tims Quilt Finishing 3 techniques for finishing a quilt like framing- facing and faux binding 1:05-11:05
905 Anita Grossman Solomon Cutting and Piecing tips for pineapple- Key West and Windmill blocks for accuracy 23:44-39:10
906 Katie Pasquini Masopust Improvisational Drawing Designs drawing your own designs for original quilts 24:20-34:15
906 Katie Pasquini Masopust Painting step by step to painting techniques for improvisational quilts 35:08-47:24
906 Ricky Tims Paper Piecing successful paper piecing using an original design 0:44-15:19
907 Patty Hawkins Piecing: Improvisational creative process to stunning art quilts 36:15-41:50
907 Alex Anderson Lettering easy lettering techniques for appliqueing 26:00-33:10
907 Tonya Ricucci Piecing: Improvisational easy word play piecing techniques 10:05-24:50
908 Dianne S. Hire Embellishment danglers- wedgies- curves and Tabbies 21:15-35:50
908 Alex Anderson Piecing when shapes don't match up like triangles and squares 0:00-9:10
908 Tom Russell Embellishment whimsical embellishment with beading- buttons- etc 40:20-50:20
909 Gyleen Fitzgerald Piecing- "Y" seams butterfly seams- Grandmother's Flower Garden with many tips and techniques 16:48-33:45
909 Gyleen Fitzgerald Pineapple Quilt using scraps to create a pineapple quilt 34:24-50:10
910 Alex Anderson Matchsticks- Art Deco stick blocks and inserts 2:50-10:40
910 Don Linn Design Using his architectural background to create templates for his U.S. Air Force Academy Quilt 19:40-35:38
911 Ricky Tims Quilting: Machine drawing and quilting feathers 1:00-7:52
911 Jacqueline de Jonge Color- Paper Piecing foundation paper piecing- accuracy in spikes and creating her unique quilts 18:30-28:35
911 Jacqueline de Jong Piecing: Curves how to set in curves 29:27-41:30
912 Joyce Becker Finishing framing small landscape quilts 39:20-44:19
912 Joyce Becker Landscape quilts innovative approach to quick and little landscapes 23:33-38:37
912 Pam Clarke Quilting Designs techniques to approach machine quilting designs 1:26-13:25
913 Eleanor Burns Partial Seams/Quilt Legend teaches fabric frenzy and partial seams 30:34-48:32
1001 Susan Cleveland Prairie Points creatively different prairie points and fun ways to use them 28:33-42:35
1001 Susan Cleveland Miters perfect and creative mitered corners 10:26-27:32
1002 Alex Anderson Design: Drunkards Path & Curved seams teaching drunkards path and curved seams 1:22-8:54
1002 Michelle Jackson Art Quilts value and color- drawing templates from photos f20:25-45:15
1003 RaNae Merrill Mandalas drawing- designing and constructing a mandala quilt 9:34-26:46
1003 RaNae Merrill Paper Piecing tips for paper piecing a mandala quilt 41:19-51:14
1004 Nancy Prince Thread Painting shading and highlighting pictures with thread 10:22-25:00
1004 Nancy Prince Thread Painting using computer to convert photo into a pattern and using premade fabrics to create your own quilt 25:35-34:50
1005 Gina Perkes Quilting Longarm: Design applique and bobbin work on a Gammill 1:05-13:40
1005 Pat Yamin Two Patch and Envelope Blocks tips to create two patch envelop quilt and Robbing Peter to Pay Paul block 29:04-58:55
1006 Linda Thielfoldt Quilted Clothing/Garments quilting and making garments on a Long Arm 26:58-54:09
1006 Linda Thielfoldt Quilting: Faux Feathers- Long Arm quilting the traditional and faux feathers 12:02-25:50
1007 Pepper Cory Sashiko Japanese folk art stitching 13:16-27:35
1007 Pepper Cory Log Cabin: Folded roof tile block which predates the log cabin 28:55-43:15
1008 Alex Anderson Pincushion making a custom pincushion with perfect piecing 41:40-54:20
1008 Robbi Joy Eklow Squaring up your quilt unique idea for squaring up your quilt 27:10-39:00
1008 Robbi Joy Eklow Design using computer for magnificent designs- 11:38-26:06
1009 Laura Wasilowski Embroidery/ Fused Quilts fused art quilts- stitching techniques 11:40-25:05
1009 Laura Wasilowski Rubber Stamping make your own rubber stamps 26:17-39:55
1010 Charlotte Angotti Tri Rec Ruler creating an Isosceles triangle in a square 12:56-26:10
1010 Charlotte Angotti Quilting: Machine personal approach to machine quilting 40:50-46:10
1010 Debbie Caffrey Cutting tips for power cutting 12:14-12:56
1011 Carol Ann Waugh Binding finish using a rat-tail binding - art quilt finish 22:18-35:13
1011 Carol Ann Waugh Stupendous Stitching maximize your machine stitches 12:13-22:00
1012 Ricky Tims Primitive Fun Block how to create a fun primitive look 1:58-13:20
1012 Sonja Lee Barrington Wool Pocket Purse make a wool pocket purse 26:53-42:34
1012 Sonja Lee Barrington Silk tips for working with silk 43:34-54:50
1013 Ricky Tims Piecing: Traditional Blocks primitive rail fence and accuracy 1:10-11:20
1013 Susan Shie Journalling telling your story on your quilt through journalling 13:50-28:10
1013 Susan Shie Painting on Fabric using an air pen- and painting on fabric 43:45-56:30
1101 Tom Russell Embellishment all the tips and tools you need to embellish with beads 11:06-24:59
1101 Alex Anderson Sewing Machine: Feet shows how to use a ruffler foot and great ways to use ruffles for your projects 42:00-49:16
1101 Tom Russell Embellishment tools and threads for embellishing with buttons successfully and creatively 26:12-41:06
1102 Alex Anderson Quilting: Feathers and Cables drafting cables and feathers for hand or machine quilting 1:00-13:10
1102 Luke Haynes Art Quilts using unusual fabrics- buying- cutting and storing the fabrics 25:12-42:05
1103 Jan Krentz Fabrics: Striped stars and diamonds- landscaping and colorwash all with striped fabric 39:06-44:30
1103 Jan Krentz Fabrics working with stripes in various ways 9:34-37:59
1104 Tommy Romano Piecing: 9 Patch block a twist on piecing an accurate 9 patch and more tips 25:00-36:46
1104 Tommy Romano Quilt Tips good quilting habits for successful piecing 1:00-23:44
1105 Cara Gulati appliqueing curves how to applique those intricate curves 37:46-51:46
1105 Cara Gulati Piecing Curves no pins to sew curves 24:05-33:18
1105 Ricky Tims Quilting: Machine tips for successful machine quilting/stopping- starting- marking and trapunto 1:12-13:45
1105 Cara Gulati Binding unique binding techniques 33:20-36:45
1106 Brian Haggard Crazy Quilts embellishment techniques- loose edge applique and embroidery 29:48-41:22
1106 Ricky Tims Couching free motion couching 1:00-7:55
1106 Brian Haggard Photos manipulating photos to personalize embellishments 9:15-28:55
1107 Kim Kleine Felting felting and couching wool- bobbin stitching 39:40-54:30
1107 Ricky Tims kaleidoscope Quilts rainbow kaleidoscope quilt block- paper piecing and preparing the fabric 1:07-14:40
1107 Tami Pfeil Felting working with felt demonstrating circles and flowers 25:13-38:55
1108 Barbara Persing Quilting Longarm: Design how to design quilting patterns- ribbon quilting pattern 30:50-44:14
1108 Barbara Persing and Mary Hoover Pieced Strata how to make a stratavarious pieced quilt 19:00-30:00
1108 Alex Anderson applique preparing finished applique for both hand and machine stitching 1:10-9:24
1109 Karen Eckmeier Applique/ Art Quilts creating accidental landscapes 9:50-24:33
1109 Karen Eckmeier Landscapes/Garments teaches her Happy Villages and decorative garments 25:40-39:23
1110 Barbara Shapel Two Sided Quilts creating 2 sided nature quilts 33:20-42:16
1110 Daniela Stout Piecing: Strip and Tube using 2 1/2" strips and tube piecing technique 10:20-32:19
1111 Cindy Walter Fabric Painting creative fabric painting for great results 19:08-34:30
1111 Alex Anderson Paper Piecing: English Grandmother's Flower Garden block- applique 1:35-12:10
1111 Cindy Walter Painting on Quilts successfully paint your next quilt 35:29-48:15
1112 Edyta Sitar Applique: Fusible laser cut shapes for fusible applique 28:40-41:30
1112 Edyta Sitar Piecing: 8 Pointed Star piecing the 8 pointed star using strips 10:56-28:10
1113 Meredith Schroeder Quilting Legend AQS American Quilters Society- National Quilt Museum - Paducah 0:00-47:54
1201 Sue Nickels Design:Feathers design and drafting feathers for machine quilting 12:05-11:54
1201 Sue Nickels Quilting: Machine feather construction and machine quilting techniques 27:35-42:30
1202 Alma de la Malena Cox Wood Quilts create quilts on wood with fabric and paint 42:24-52:46
1202 Jacquie Gering Modern Log Cabin log cabin block and constructing it modern style 12:03-25:12
1202 Jacquie Gering Quilting Design taking quilting designs modern and fresh 26:49-38:20
1203 Marsha McCloskey Sewing project create a fun E reader cover 37:00-444:58
1203 Marsha McCloskey Piecing drafting and piecing the perfect feathered star 11:15-24:23
1203 Marsha McCloskey 1/4 square triangles precision cutting to make quarter square triangle blocks 25:56-35:50
1204 Cathy Miller Japanese Notan a mirror image technique to get positive negative designs 32:24-45:10
1204 Cathy Miller Applique: Moc-Mola achieving the layered applique look and process 14:35-30:22
1204 Jill Gorski Buttons collecting and quilting with buttons- history and caring for them 46:30-1:01:07
1204 Cathy Miller Songs of Quilting quilting and singing-Star and Plume 2:30-7:12
1205 Sue Rasmussen Pictorial Quilts piecing a pictorial quilt and drafting the design 10:40-32:10
1205 Sue Rasmussen Piecing: Curves sewing a pictorial quilt using gentle curves 23:40-39:20
1205 Sue Rasmussen Technology use Ipad for creating the pictorial quilt design 40:38-42:57
1206 Lauren Vlcek Applique: Reverse applique framing technique 41:00-57:00
1206 Lauren Vlcek Crazy Patch deconstructing the crazy quilt method 27:25-40:45
1206 Ricky Tims Gifted Quilt Blocks putting together quilt blocks made by various quilters 2:05-12:48
1207 Hollis Chatelain Art Quilts/Thread creating the art quilt using blue jeans 11:00-27:24
1207 Bonnie Browning Quilting: Improvisational Zentangle using the Zentangle to design for machine or hand quilting 36:16-53:05
1208 Sue McCarty Quilting Designs customize your designs for machine quilting 26:34-38:20
1208 Ricky Tims Quilt Sleeve sewing a sleeve for hanging your quilt 1:40-11:20
1208 Sue McCarty Quilting Longarm: Design start and maintain your own long arm quilting business 39:28-52:30
1209 Georgia Bonesteel Piecing: Strip Picture use strip piecing to create a landscape quilt 15:25-28:20
1209 Charlotte Warr Andersen Landscapes: Organza & Other Fabrics working with organza and other fabrics 30:25-47:10
1210 Alex Anderson Sawtooth Star piecing and the versatility of the Sawtooth Star 3:48-15:40
1210 Ricky Tims Lone Star piecing the Montana Star Quilt or Lone Star 32:40-51:25
1211 Ann Peterson Paper Piecing: Foundation foundation paper piecing with no paper removal 28:17-39:50
1211 Sarah Kaufman Log Cabin: Folded overcoming physical obstacles- piecing the folded log cabin 45:00-58:47
1211 Ann Peterson Piecing: Curves tips for curved piecing 10:45-26:34
1212 Judith Baker Montano Photo Imagery/Embroidery create realistic imagery with photos and embroidery 10:49-38:30
1212 Karin Hellaby Pineapple Quilt simple technique to create pineapple block 39:55-50:07
1213 Carol Doak Paper Piecing innovative paper piecing and creative design elements 2:14-32:12
1301 Jean Wells Art Quilting using line in design- nature for inspiration- texture 10:40-25:40
1301 Jean Wells Color working with color and designing with color 25:50-40:54
1302 Mickey Depre Hexagons jazz up the hexagon with contemporary look 19:30-30:00
1302 Mickey Depre Hexagons using traditional hexagon techniques 8:37-19:15
1303 Grace Errea Applique: Machine raw edge machine applique- building design from picture 38:50-53:24
1303 Alex Anderson baby blanket simple baby blanket using flannel and voile 3:50-12:20
1303 Grace Errea Art Quilts using value to create pictorial quilts 23:10-35:00
1304 Wendy Butler Berns Art Quilts border treatments- flip and sew techniques 9:50-21:35
1304 Sue Spargo Contemporary Folk Artitst dimensional stitching- boullion stitches- picot weaving stitch- drizzle stitch 34:50-45:34
1304 Wendy Butler Berns Texture Magic piecing and applique with Texture Magic 21:45-34:50
1305 Gwen Marsten Liberated Quilts single layer and Amish binding techniques 39:55-57:20
1305 Mickey Lawler Fabric Painting tips to create your own skydye fabric 10:13-23:34
1305 Mickey Lawler Painting on Fabric: Landscapes using painted fabrics to create landscape quilts 24:26-35:11
1306 Sheila Frampton Cooper Quilting: Machine fearless machine quilting techniques and design 42:40-53:54
1306 Sheila Frampton Cooper Quilting: Free Form incorporate shapes into quilts- free form curved piecing 16:00-41:26
1306 Angela Walters Quilting Longarm: curved working with negative space- improvisational curved piecing 1:54-15:25
1307 Alex Anderson Scrap Quilts choosing fabrics for success 0:00-13:50
1307 Alex Anderson Bowtie Block tips for piecing the bowtie block- choosing right pattern for scrap quilts 14:50-35:16
1308 Caryl Bryer Gallert-Gentry Art Quilts shows innovative technique called appli-piecing 13:14-27:39
1308 Caryl Bryer Gallert-Gentry Art Quilts using the Fibonacci sequence to create art quilts 27:42-37:00
1309 Alex Anderson Piecing: Fan Block easy tips to piecing the fan block 1:40-15:50
1309 Susan Else Quilted Sculptures forming and stuffing fabric to create 3-D sculptures and a Diorama 28:31-58:20
1310 Ricky Tims Applique: Stipple landscape quilts using fabric confetti and random stippling 1:28-16:27
1310 Rose Sheifer Tablecloth Quilts tips to collecting and preparing the vintage tablecloths and the design and construction of vintage tablecloth quilts 17:20-41:15
1311 Lyric Kinard Beading adding beads for color and texture to your quilts 37:30-44:08
1311 Lyric Kinard Design five principles of design 1:00-18:46
1311 Lyric Kinard Screen Printing using thermofax machine and screenprinting to incorporate into your quilt design 25:15-37:25
1312 Amanda Murphy Binding and Trims continuous bias zig-zag binding- using trims for enhancement 8:02-20:42
1312 Amanda Murphy Holiday Décor make a Christmas Tree Skirt- snowflakes and stockings 21:04-28:02
1313 Michael James Quilting Legend Geometric fabric inserts into a whole cloth quilt 24:15-39:40
1401 Ricky Tims Scalloped binding create a scalloped binding by machine 1:40-14:21
1401 Janet Stone Piecing: Flying Geese and HST's piecing tips to achieve perfect results 27:30-35:33
1401 Janet Stone Applique: Machine raw edge applique by machine and fusing 36:55-50:06
1402 Alex Anderson Miter Border Squiggle create a squiggle miter border 13:36-28:42
1402 Ricky Tims Charm Quilt fun and easy charm quilt 28:44-43:15
1402 Linda Pumphrey Isosceles triangles working with the isosceles triangle 0:00-13:35
1403 Connie Fanders Sergers benefits to using a serger for quilting 46:16-59:08
1403 Gyleen Fitzgerald Butterfly Seams piecing the Courtship of Seven Sisters block using her butterfly seam method and tips for accurate piecing 10:48-46:15
1404 Victoria Findlay Wolfe Art and Scrap Quilts Creative play to create to the next level- using scraps and orphan blocks 0:00-38:55
1405 Karen Gloeggler Handkerchief Quilts make quilts using antique handkerchiefs 25:35-37:40
1405 Karen Gloeggler Reproduction Quilts tips to reproduce the Jane Austen quilt 11:15-25:34
1406 Karen Marchetti Design building stitches for quilting design options 0:00-11:25
1406 Tula Pink Piecing: Tubular teaches tubular piecing techniques 39:47-54:45
1406 Tula Pink Modern Quilts traditional blocks with a twist- using unusual patterns and fabric combinations 23:36-39:45
1407 Kim Diehl Applique: Needle Turn invisible needle turn applique by machine 10:08-27:15
1407 Kim Diehl Big Stitch Quilting tips for easy quilting using the Big Stitch 27:18-39:15
1407 Christine Barnes Color value- temperature and intensity to create beautiful quilts 39:16-48:45
1408 Ricky Tims Northern Lights inspiration and construction of his Northern lights quilt- 9 patch strippy style 0:00-30:28
1408 Ricky Tims Quilting: Machine quilting with his trademark feathers- designing 30:30-44:35
1408 Karen and Shari Ruwe Embellishment variety of embellishing techniques- pleated poppies- adding texture with metallic thread 44:37-57:49
1409 Linda Beach Art Quilts develop and piece her organic shapes into landscape and art quilts 25:10-38:35
1409 Linda Beach Stash organize- assess and use your stash effectively 38:38-54:41
1409 Ricky Tims Contemporary Quilts Sailboat block- turning antique quilts into contemporary designs 0:00-15:52
1410 Bonnie Hunter Scrap Quilts scrap management and piecing strategies 10:18-22:15
1410 Bonnie Hunter Modern Scrap Quilts string piecing- color common sense- leaders and enders technique 22:18-35:40
1411 Alex Anderson Pressing pressing accurately and the differences between piecework and applique and redwork pressing 0:00-14:00
1411 Carolyn Konig Piecing- Drafting- Applique teaches drafting and piecing by hand and her applique techniques 23:40-54:35
1412 Cynthia England Quilt Sleeve no handwork sleeve for your quilt 28:20-36:37
1412 Cynthia England Picture Pieceing traditional quilts with picture piecing techniques 0:00-28:18
1413 Leni Levenson Weiner Photo Quilts of Human Figures Breaking down the photo for construction ease 10:15-21:05
1413 Leni Levenson Weiner Photo Quilts Creating a picture intuitively with freehand cutting 21:34-30:55
1413 Jennifer Sampou Inspirational Using life experiences to work creatively 36:20-44:25
1501 Jane Dunnewold Surface Design; Dyeing; Printing; Resist dyeing Making print on demand original cloth 11:52-25:10
1501 Jane Dunnewold Fabric Manipulation Photo transfer 26:14-38:05
1502 Mary Elizabeth Kinch English Paper Piecing Maximizing fabric prints in your hexagons 11:52-26:46
1502 Mary Elizabeth Kinch Small Scale Quilts Working in miniature blocks 27:3-37:54
1502 Terry Grant Inspirational and Photo Quilts Using studio space and creating from photos 39:27-50:45
1503 Jerry Granata Unconventional Fabrics; Machine Quilting Using exotic fabrics and machine quilting on exotic fabrics 11:50-35:58
1503 Field Piece Inspirational Witte Museum; San Antonio; TX 40:23-43:00
1504 Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero Machine Embroidery; Computer Design Combining machine embroidery and kaleidoscope designs 23:35-31:60
1504 Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero Photo Transfer; Computer Design Kaleidoscope designs from photos 33:02-43:50
1504 Connie Fanders Serger Quilting Using a serger to piece; making prairie points and a rag quilt 1:50-12:30
1505 Priscilla Knoble Japanese Hand Applique; Color theory Hand appliqued stems; hand applique tips and tricks 12:40-25:58
1505 Priscilla Knoble House Block Creating a house block from photos 27:13-38:31
1505 Priscilla Knoble Inside Purse pocket Constructing an inside pocket for a purse 39:33-46:30
1506 Nola Emerie Inspirational Quilting after a massive stroke 42:30-54:10
1506 Lisa Sipes Longarm Quilting Adding visual and textural interest to quilting 12:55-26:53
1506 Lisa Sipes Longarm Quilting Triple straight stitch technique 27:44-40:35
1507 Cheryl See English Paper Piecing Techniques for making perfect and precise hexies and diamonds 11:15-24:30
1507 Cheryl See 3 Dimensional Piecing Creating three dimensional jewel boxes 25:46-40:05
1507 Pat Sloan Applique Using the running stitch for applique 40:20-50:24
1508 Valerie C. White Scraps Creating prayer flags 26:20-35:49
1508 Valerie C. White Embellishment Thread Painting:Enhancing your quilts with thread 26:20-35:49
1508 Elizabeth Hartman Modern Quilting Making pieced letters 35:55-49:23
1509 Rosie de Leon-McCrady Redwork How to trace and create beautiful redwork stitches 01:50-16:23
1509 Rosie de Leon-McCrady Redwork Learn where the word Redwork came from 18:05-25:50
1509 Rosie de Leon-McCrady Redwork How to create redwork; blue work; crazy patches and more 28:03-36:45
1510 Leslie T. Jenison Screen Printing Tools for Screen Printing 10:44-40:10
1510 Leslie T. Jenison Quilt Shows Curating a Quilt Show 40:10-48:14
1511 Laura Fraga Applique and stitches How to do hand applique and use thread color to match your applique 10:08 - 23:14
1511 Laura Fraga Circles How to make perfect circles 25:01 - 33:00
1512 Debby Schnabel Circles with Bernina How to sew your circles with sewing machine; before doing your handwork 10:49 - 22:08
1512 Debby Schnabel Hand Embroidery What type of needles and thread to use for your hand embroidery work 25:03 - 37:14
1513 Mary Mashuta/Roberta Horton Berkeley Tour Touring the Berkeley House and quilts made by Mary Mashuta/Roberta Horton 1:20 - 15:48
1513 Mary Mashuta Sashiko Mary teaches Ricky her machine techniques for Sashiko 17:47 - 34:11
1513 Roberta Horton Photo Transfer How to create Photo Transfers 35:51 - 50:05
1513 Mary Mashuta/Roberta Horton Quilting Legends Behind the scenes with Mary Mashuta/Roberta Horton and how they got started sewing 51:19 - 57:56
1601 Ricky Tims Tips for Quilting Ten tips to learn and apply while you are preparing your quilt 1:05 - 15:48
1601 Lynette Anderson Embellishment How to decorate and embellish your projects 23:29 - 27:08
1601 Lynette Anderson Applique Techniques and tools to apply to applique 29:00 - 41:11
1601 Lynette Anderson Hand Stitches How to make perfect stitches for hand embroidery 44:08 - 56:46
1602 Sally Collins Templates How to cut precision templates for your quilting projects 11:50 - 24:37
1602 Sally Collins Sewing and Pressing Learn the correct way to sew straight and press your fabrics 26:20 - 39:45
1602 Sally Collins Alden Lane Nursery TQS takes a tour of Alden Lane Nursery and what goes on for Quilting in the Garden 40:46 - 46:36
1603 Sharon Schamber/Tom Russell Life of Tom Russell Sharon and Tom talk about how they met and how they share the love of quilting 1:49 - 17:56
1603 Sharon Schamber/Tom Russell Machine Embroidery Sharon shares her techniques on how to scan a design and then embroidery on your quilt 18:00 - 27:34
1603 Sharon Schamber Making a shoe for Iron Sharon shares her invention on how to make a shoe for your iron 27:35 - 32:18
1603 Sharon Schamber/Tom Russell Raw Edge Applique Sharon and Tom share how to accomplish Raw Edge Applique 34:23 - 51:15
1603 Sharon Schamber Fusible binding How to make fusible binding for your quilts 53:09 - 1:09
1604 Lynn Wilder Patchwork Math Lynn teaches how to apply Patchwork Math to your quilt 9:08 - 24: 48
1604 Lynn Wilder Country Charmer Lyn demonstrates on how to make her Country Charmer Quilt 24:60 - 38:03
1604 Lynn Wilder Helen Stubbings/Tracey Browning How to applique the glue stick way and english paper piecing with Helen 43:37 - 54:55
1605 Barbara Shapel Two Sided Quilts Barbara demonstrates how to put together a "two" sided quilt 27:02 - 39:00
1605 Barbara Shapel Free Motion Quilting How to free motion quilt your two sided quilts 40:27 - 57:05
1606 Cindy Needham Quilting Stencils Cindy shows how to design your own quilts with her stencils 14:55 - 27:38
1606 Cindy Needham Thread Choices How to pick your Threads wisely for all quilts 33:30 - 42:12
1606 Bari Ackerman Fabric Collage Bari shares her fabric collections as well as how to sew motifs for quilts 44:53 - 56:23
1607 Jane Hardy Miller Picking fabric for Fabric Braiding Jane shows the audience what to look for when getting ready to pick and put fabrics together 10:29 - 20:35
1607 Jane Hardy Miller Get started on making a braid quilt Jane shows Ricky how to do the construction; sewing and how to put together the braids 22:35 - 38:24
1607 Peg Pennell How to embellish your quilts Peg shows the audience how to pick your beads and embellish your quilts with her bead bezels. 38:44 - 51:09
1608 Sue Bleissweiss How she got started quilting Sue shares how she got started on her coloring book wonky style quilts 2:02 - 8:30
1608 Sue Bleissweiss Process to dye your own fabric Sue demonstrates the process to dye your own fabric as well as how to apply dye magnets to tone on tone fabric 10:04 - 21:16
1608 Sue Bleissweiss Preparing your fabric; layer by layer How to get started on the quilting process; layer by layer to the finished quilt piece. 23:13 - 36:01
1608 Thomas Knauer Quilts made with meaning Thomas shares his book; "Modern Quilt Perspective" and how he comes up with his designs for his quilts 38:09 - 48:32
1609 Alex Anderson Add a facing; not a binding Alex shows how to add facings to your finished quilts instead of a binding 1:10 - 9:45
1609 Lea Mc Comas Portrait quilting Lea talks about how her photos from traveling to Turkey where inspired into quilts 12:06 - 23:14
1609 Lea McComas Images to Quilts How to crop; greyscale and posterize your images into beautiful intricate stitches 24:50 - 38:50
1609 Lea McComas How to start portrait stitching Lea shows her tools; supplies; threads and where to start stitching on your portrait photos. 39:51 - 53:56
1610 Joanne Sharpe/Jennifer Murche Prepare your words Joanne demonstrates on how to prepare your handwriting to your material 12 :32 - 26:39
1610 Joanne Sharpe/Jennifer Murche Paints; pens and dyes Joanne shows how to use dyes; paints and pens to enhance your material. 28:37 - 44:55
1610 Joanne Sharpe/Jennifer Murche Fabric bowls Jennifer shares how to make and create her beautiful flower bowls 46:03 - 59:32
1611 Karen Stone/Julie Silber Award winning Quilts Karen shows and talks about her quilts that have won awards 2:27 - 11:02
1611 Karen Stone/Julie Silber Paper Piecing Techniques How to trace on freezer paper and apply that to your fabric 13:10 - 29:10
1611 Karen Stone/Julie Silber English Paper Piecing How to make Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt without sewing 30:57 - 40:53
1611 Karen Stone/Julie Silber Antique Quilts Julie talks about her antique quilts that she has collected over the years at her Berkeley; CA home. 44:15 - 53:52
1612 Carol Ann Sinnreich/Cristy Fincher Western Quilts Carol Ann discusses how she became interested in her western influenced quilts 14:55 - 23:27
1612 Carol Ann Sinnreich/Cristy Fincher Pricing your work How to approach the business of commission work to sell your quilts 25:49 - 40:35
1612 Carol Ann Sinnreich/Cristy Fincher Paperless Paper Piecing Cristy demonstrates how to assemble her blocks with the paperless piecing method 41:48 - 54:22
1613 Renae Haddadin Longarm Quilting Techniques Renae shows us how to mark our quilt tops and prepare them to quilt on her Longarm Innova 14:01 - 22:32
1613 Renae Haddadin Templates for Longarm Quilting Renae shows how to combine her templates and grid markers to mark your quilt top and begin quilting on your longarm 25:00 - 41:30
1613 Barbara Polston Applique on linen Barbara shares her inspiration and techniques she uses on her doiles and vintage linen items. 42:00 - 55:36
1701 Sandra Leichner Hand Applique with sharp points Sandra shares with us; if you apply the correct stitches you will always end up with a sharp point on your hand applique 12:30 - 27:19
1701 Sandra Leichner Hand Embroidery Stitches Sandra demonstrates how she does her hand applique stitches for her beautiful hand embroidery work 29:02 - 42:23
1701 Lynn Kough Pieced Quilts with various shapes Lynn shares on how to apply various shapes like hexagons; half square triangles; 60 degree triangles and apply them to your quilt tops 43:20 - 55:10
1702 Jamie Fingal Watercolor to Prayer Flags Jamie teaches the TQS audience how to go from water color to fabric and prayer flags without batting or binding 10:49 - 21:50
1702 Jamie Fingal Sketches to quilting Jamie shows how she goes from sketching to quilting with her "black thread" quilting techniques 23:33 - 35:50
1702 Gina Perkes Nostalgia Quilts Gina shares her technique of how she puts her Nostalgia Quilts together along with teaching us various ways to do bobbin work on her Bernina 37:34 - 48:16
1703 Lisa Calle Prepare your longarm blocks Lisa teaches the audience on how to start by preparing your blocks and taking them to your longarm quilter 10:05 - 22:28
1703 Lisa Calle Dividing your block for Longarm Lisa shows how easy it is to use her templates and quilt each block with a different design 24:20 - 37:30
1703 Youngmin Lee Bojagi Wrapping Cloths Youngmin Lee discusses the art of Bojagi Wrapping Cloths from her native land of Korea and how she relates them to what we call quilting 38:37 - 50:54
1704 Alex Anderson Color Challenges Alex shares with the audience on how to make a quickie quilt 00:00 - 10:50
1704 Becky Goldsmith Picking out your fabric Becky discusses with Ricky on how to pick your fabric if you know the clarity and color of your fabric 20:05 - 35:30
1704 Becky Goldsmith Applique Sizes & Techniques Becky demonstrates her techniques on how to take a "large" size font; shrink it down to a "tiny" font and get it ready to applique. 35:35 - 49:45
1705 Ricky Tims Basting Techniques Ricky demonstrates his basting techniques with spray basting and thread basting 00:00 - 14:04
1705 Louisa Smith Sewing Circles Louisa show cases her circle quilts from her book One Patch Plus 14:05 - 24:35
1705 Louisa Smith Machine Applique Stitches Louisa demonstrates how to apply your machine applique stitches to your quilt 22:35 - 37:05
1705 Louisa Smith Piecing strips and Curves Louisa shows her techniques for piecing your strips and using her curved diamon template 37:15 - 48:48
1706 Andrea Brokenshire Hand and tradional stitiching Andrea shares with us how to apply your hand and traditional stitching to your quilts 00:00 - 10:40
1706 Andrea Brokenshire Confetti Backgrounds Watch as Andrea Brokenshire teaches us on how to apply a confetti background to your quilts 10:42 - 27:24
1706 Andrea Brokenshire Combine silk; paint and Misty Fuse Watch as Andrea applies paint; misty fuse to her silk carmeuse fabrics. 27:26 - 42:02
1706 Melody Crust Applying different threads Follow alongs as Melody applies her MasterPiece and Razzle Dazzle Thread to your quilts 42:04 - 56:11
1707 Deb Tucker How to make a LeMoyne Star Deb shares her LeMoyne Star "Rapid Fire" Ruler on how to make perfect LeMoyne Star Blocks 09:51 - 23:50
1707 Deb Tucker Making Blocks from your LeMoyne Star Ruler Deb teaches how to make different blocks by simply a little creation and moving your ruler around 25:56 - 38:29
1707 Carrie Bloomston Mixing paint and fabric Carrie teaches the audience how to cool down a "wild" color with paint and fabric 39:15 - 50:15
1708 Alex Anderson How to make a quick little basket Alex shares how to make a fun; quick little basket with just two pieces of fabric and a little batting. Makes a great gift 01:23 - 13:04
1708 Jamie Wallen Thread Painting Jamie shares how he comes up with his award winning quilts while applying a thread painted look to his finished quilts 25:40 - 37:20
1708 Jamie Wallen Longarm stitches Jamie shares some of his "Mystical Grids" from his latest book and applies these with his motifs while longarm quilting 38:29 - 50:35
1709 Jane Hall Pineapple Quilt Block Jane shares her love of the traditional pineapple quilt blocks and takes us from start to finish 12:04 - 24:35
1709 Susan Brubaker Knapp Fabric Painting Susan takes us from start to finish on how to trace your picture and then apply your paints for a beautiful finished block 26:18 - 40:06
1710 Lyric Kinard Foil Painting on Fabric Lyric takes her photos; prints on fabric; runs them through a thermal fax machine; applies the foil and wa la you have a beautiful block. 24:31 - 34:40
1710 Debbie Langsam Mosaic quilt block Debbie demonstrates how to take your photo; crop it; print on cotton sateen fabric; add a little background and you now have a beautiful mosaic quilt block 34:43 - 51:41
1711 Susan Lenz Learn rubbings with your fabric How to do a "rubbing"; actual gravesite rubbings; and turn them into wall hangings. 13:00 - 24:33
1711 Susan Lenz Velvet Fabric into wall-hangings How to take a piece of polyester velvet material and with a few hot tools; turns them into beautiful wall hangings 26:27 - 39:25
1711 Judy Simmons Painting your fabric with Shiva Judy shares how she uses her Shiva Paint Sticks to add depth and shading to her quilts 39:41 - 54:09
1712 Leah Day Free Motion Quilting Watch as Leah Day takes her quilt from start to finish with her beautiful quilting designs (Leah designs her own quilt designs) 11:21 - 24:16
1712 Leah Day Drawing/Painting your template Leah shows us how to start your template with pencil; coloring it in; enlarging it to create her beautiful quilts 24:22 - 36:19
1712 Laura Gaskin Embroidery from inspiration Laura shows how she collects things that may bring an inspiration to her as puts her thoughts into her hand embroidery wall hangings 37:32 - 51:14
1713 Georgia Bonesteel Legend/Lap Quilting Techniques Georgia shows us the different ways that you can put together a quilt by incorporating your sewing machine stitches to help finish off the edges 10:19 - 22:40
1713 Georgia Bonesteel BERNINA Magnifier Georgia takes the BERNINA Magnifier to another level while she applies her free motion skills to her quilts 22:42 - 36:30
1801 Lessa Siegele 2016 BOM Inspiration Lessa Siegele talks and shares the history of our 2016 BOM Kit - The Rajah Quilt 00:39 - 11:10
1801 Lessa Siegele Piecing and Applique Tips Join Lessa as she shows you the tips and tricks of piecing and applique the Lessa Siegele way. 11:10 - 23:15
1801 Lessa Siegele perfect piecing techniques Watch as Lessa Siegele applies and teaches us her perfect piecing techniques for a perfect finish 23:30 - 42:40
1802 Kathy McNeil heat set crayons Kathy shares how to heat set crayons for any color fabric 13:48 - 25:14
1802 Kathy McNeil fabric for pictorial quilts How to choose the correct fabric for putting together pictorial quilts 27:33 - 36:46
1802 Ann Harwell accurate piecing Ann shares with the audience on how to achieve that accurate seam; every time. 44:14 - 48:36
1803 Janna Thomas border techniques Work with Janna on how starching your fabric helps for accurate borders 26:51 - 35:18
1803 Janna Thomas Bloc Loc ruler techniques Learn to complete those perfect blocks with the various Bloc Loc rulers that Janna Thomas demonstrates here for us 36:35 - 50:20
1804 Jenny Bowker quilting outside the block Jenny shows how you take your piece of fabric and continue the design while quilting outside the block 14:49 - 23:35
1804 Jenny Bowker creating easy tile designs learn how easy it is to make your own tile pattern out of velum 24:32 - 37:02
1804 Anna Bates wool applique Watch how Anna Bates shows us the correct way to travel with our wool pieces as well as putting your shapes together 38:23 - 48:48
1805 Ricky Tims Sir Lancelot Quilt Ricky shares how easy it is to chain sew his blocks as he puts together his Sir Lancelot quilt 2:02 - 11:40
1805 Charlotte Hickman Needle Punching Learn the process of how to needle punch your roving and include this into your landscape quilts with Charlotte Hickman 29:00 - 38:38
1805 Charlotte Hickman thread painting Charlotte takes us through thread painting from start to finish 39:40 - 54:29
1806 Garry & Mary Olson fusible buttonhole applique Gary shares how he sketches the designs for Mary and then Mary prepares for her buttonhole applique 11:01 - 25:58
1806 Garry & Mary Olson long arm organic elements Mary shares how she loves to create organic elements on her Innova long arm machine 25:14 - 41:07
1807 Katie Fowler Paint; layer and stitch Katie shows off her quilting technique of paint; layer and stitch 11:39 - 26:34
1807 Katie Fowler Cutting a finished quilt Taking your finished quilt; cutting it up and stitching the blocks back together again 28:34 - 42:17
1807 Joe Cunningham Binding to pictures Joe shares how he takes store bought binding packages and uses this to apply his houses; etc. to his quilts 52:10 - 56:40
1808 Sue Nickels flower garden borders Sharing her love of how she puts together her flower garden borders for her quilts 13:04 - 28:09
1808 Ashley Nickels Photos from tablet to quilting Learn how to take a picture on your tablet; design your colors on your tablet and you are off to do your quilting with no markings made. 29:52 - 42:09
1808 Sue Nickels free motion embellishing Sue Nickels puts her long arm free motion embellishing skills to the test; you won't believe the results 43:20 - 45:52
1809 Ricky Tims finnessfull edge piping Ricky shares how he makes his teeny tiny curved binding and applies it to his quilts; one in particular is his Fire Dragon Quilt 1:56 - 11:33
1809 Lola Jenkins portrait quilts Lola explains to the audience her personal stories of how she works from her portraits 24:49 - 38:33
1809 Lola Jenkins alternatives to traditional binding Lola applies her methods of binding to her quilts as she does not like to apply the traditional binding techniques 39:27 - 51:22
1810 Alex Anderson T Shirt Quilt Alex shares with us how to use her Quilters Select Cut Away on a T Shirt Quilt as well as using Quilters Select for templates while doing applique. 00:56 - 12:20
1810 Marci Baker Strips to quilting Marci talks about how easy you can take your strips and turn them into a beautiful Tumbler Block Quilt. 12:30 - 21:56
1810 Marci Baker 60 degree ruler work Marci demonstrates how to prepare your strips with her 60 degree ruler and a true tool corner cut ruler 21:65 - 33:26
1810 Marci Baker Chain sewing with a "starty" Learn how much the "Starty" comes in to play while working on chain sewing. 33:28 - 37:00
1810 Marci Baker Light; Medium and Dark Fabric why? Learn with Marci how she demonstrates the importance of your fabric shading while making her 60 degree Tumbler block. 37:15 - 56:09
1811 Janet Lutz Row by Row Janet Lutz the Artist that started and created the Row by Row shares her story of how she was involved and still is working on Row by Row 00:00 - 10:59
1811 Janet Lutz Purchasing a Row by Row Kit How you can become involved with Row by Row; where to get your "free" patterns and purchase your license plates and kits. 11:04 -20:06
1811 Eileen Williams Angelina and netting techniques Eileen shares how she combines her shells; rocks and driftwood along with angelina and netting fibers to make her under the sea mini art quilts 28:51 - 44:42
1812 Gina Perkes Domestic machine rulers Gina demonstrates her new rulers and why she designed them to fit your wrists and fingers so you can relax while doing your quilting on a domestic machine 11:10 - 26:28
1812 Gina Perkes Quilt designs for your domestic machine Learn how to make your own grid lines and turn those into clamshells that you can quilt on your domestic machine 26:30 - 40:20
1812 Gina Perkes Let your rulers do the work on your longarm Gina decides on her designs and which rulers to use after she attaches her quilt to her longarm. Gina explains that you don't have to prepare your quilt in advance. 41:08 - 57:08
1813 Alex Anderson Half Square Triangles for QOV Alex discusses how Maryann Fons showed her "the easy way" to put together half square triangles as they both worked on Quilts of Valor. 00:00 - 11:08
1813 Mark Lipinski Slow movement sewing Mark shares that since his health issues he has learned a new way to approach his quilting and it is called the slow movement sewing approach. 23:37 - 36:01
1813 Mark Lipinski Create legacy labels Learn how Mark Lipinski shares his way of making a legacy as he creates his legacy labels for each quilt. 36:49 - 49:09
1901 Tamara Laborer silk fusion process preparing your Silk Fusion pieces and preparing them for you quilts. 11:18 - 27:37
1901 Tamara Laborer preparing your silk fusion strips how to take your silk fusion strips; cut them up and apply them to your quilt pieces. 29:12 - 43:06
1902 Alex Anderson tooth fairy pillow Alex creates a tooth fairy pillow from a drawing that she received from her granddaughter. 2:04 - 12:30
1902 Jill Finley applique tips Jill shares how to take your freezer paper; trace; cut; glue and you are done with that applique. 24:30 - 40:12
1902 Jill Finley creating letters with bias Jill shares how she creates her binding and applies her method to make letters for her quilts. 41:23 - 53:41
1903 Ricky Tims BERNINA circle maker and couching foot Ricky shows how you can add the circle attachment to your BERNINA; along with the couching foot and create beautiful stitches. 1:24 - 13:04
1903 Jane LaFazio creating your own cloth Jane teaches how you can add dimension to your quilts by applying stencils; paints and stitches to your cloth. 24:25 - 33:58
1904 Sherry Rogers-Harrison inklique in the ditch Sherry will demonstrate how she prepares her whole cloth by inking in the ditch to stitching in the ditch on her INNOVA. 11:49 - 26:20
1904 Sherry Rogers-Harrison painting on a whole cloth quilt Sherry shares her technique of applying paint to each section of her whole cloth quilt. 28:15 - 42:01
1904 Jean Ann Wright Log Cabin quilts Jean Ann Wright teaches you the easy way to make Log Cabin Quilts with her ruler collection that she designed. 43:01 - 53:30
1905 Alex Anderson Zig - Zag Binding Alex shares from her new book "All Things Quilting" how you can make a zigzag binding for your quilt and have a whole different look 00:57 - 09:57
1905 Barbara Yates Beasley portrait to quilting Barbara shares her technique of starting from her final portrait to turning that into applique pieces 22:57 - 34:07
1905 Barbara Yates Beasley Dimension to animal eyes with Gelly Roll Pens Barbara adds her final touches to her animal portraits with Gelly Roll and Sharpie pens to make the "eyes" come to life. 35:10 - 47:23
1906 Allie Aller crazy quilting with vintage linens Allie teaches how she takes her crazy quilting to the next level with her vintage linen pieces 11:40 - 25:40
1906 Allie Aller hand stitching with ribbon; paint and beads Allie shares her hand stitching techniques of adding ribbon; paint; beads and combining sewing stitches with hand stitches to her quilts. 27:10 - 47:20
1906 Barbara Cline templates made so easy Barbara shares how easy it is to take paper templates to the next level and why it is so important to watch your "V" when adding your pieces to your quilt 41:30 - 54:00
1907 Ricky Tims Mock Bindings Ricky shares how you can make a wonky wall hanging and add a "mock" binding; you won't want to miss Ricky's technique. 00:10 - 12:20
1907 Lois Podolny Machine quilting concentric circles Learn with Lois how you too can make a Kaleidoscope Quilt with just a few tools; tracing paper and you will be amazed by her techniques 24:24 - 40:40
1907 Nancy Arseneault Machine quilting the correct way Watch and follow as Nancy teaches us the correct way of machine quilting. Nancy will answer all those questions that we have while we machine quilt and help build your confidence. 40:41 - 59:13
1908 Carol Morrissey Fused fabric postcards Carol shares how to make your own fabric fused postcards and how you can actually mail then out as well. 11:36 - 27:30
1908 Carol Morrissey water based inks with fusible applique Watch and learn as Carol teaches all of us how she took a simple photo and starting with her water based inks; turns her fabric bee into an applique to fuse on her project. 27:57 - 42:57
1908 Cyndi Souder celebration quilts Cyndi Souder demonstrates how she comes up with her thoughts and words to sew her beautiful celebration quilts. 11:15 - 20:06
1909 Cathy Wiggins quilting on leather Learn how easy it is to quilt and embellish leather; yes leather as Cathy Wiggins demonstrates her beautiful leather quilts. 11:15 - 27:06
1909 Cathy Wiggins all things leather Cathy Wiggins shares how she takes her leather; to the next level; watch Cathy create her masterpieces of leather by adding paint; dyes; embellishments and quilting. 27:07 - 41:04
1910 Cyndi McChesney working with panels Can you square your squares up? Cyndi will teach us how she takes her "not so square blocks" and with a little steam; pressure and persuasion you too can have a perfect square. 12:30 - 26:35
1910 Cyndi McChesney panels and more projects With a little math and planning you too can take your panel; cut it up and turn it in to other projects and/or work your pieces into your panel and no one would ever know it was a panel. 26:38 - 34:32
1910 Stacy lest Hsu doll and animal panels by MODA Stacy shares how her work with MODA took her to her next love of designing doll and animal panels. 34:32 - 46:55
1911 Cheryl Arkison low volume fabric Cheryl explains how she finds her "low volume" fabrics and turns them into her unique quilts. 00:02 - 28:19
1911 Cheryl Arkison slabs of fabric Watch as Cheryl Arkison shares how you can take your fabric and make improvised curve blocks and even a drunkard's path. 29:25 - 44:30
1912 Rosa Rojas Apliquick Tools Rosa shares how she uses all of the Apliquick tools that she and Olga designed and created. 23:38 - 38:59
1912 Rosa Rojas Hawaiian Quilt Rosa shows Alex how to make that perfect circle everytime with her Apliquick Tools. Also; watch as Rosa Rojas uses her Apliquick Tools and makes one beautiful Hawaiian Quilt. 39:56 - 51:00
1913 Katie Pasquini Masopust Legend & Graffiti series quilts Katie unravels her WIP and shares how she takes various pieces; colors; fabrics to create her master piece; which she calls her "graffiti quilt"! 16:31 - 28:47
2001 Ricky Tims square in a square with no seams Ricky shares his creativity on how to sew a square in a square with no seams; that’s right no seams; stay tuned. 00:02 - 14:41
2001 Carolyn Hock 2017 BOM paper piecing tricks and tips Carolyn shares her way; the easy and percise way to do your paper piecing perfect everytime. 25:45 - 37:30
2001 Carolyn Hock flying geese Carolyn Hock shows her easy flying geese technique with Sue Garman's BOM Quilt 38:19 - 52:19
2002 Victoria Findlay Wolfe free form curves Victoria shares how easy it is to cut and sew free form curves. 11:49 - 23:15
2002 Victoria Findlay Wolfe double wedding wing block Have you ever wanted to make a double wedding ring quilt; well Victoria shows us the easy way as you pin your fabric first and then sew. 23:14 - 39:17
2003 Lynda MH Faires Crazy patchwork blocks Lynda shares how she avoids y seams and awkward corners as she puts together her crazy patch quilt 25.53 - 42:28
2003 Lynda MH Faires embellishing your quilt Watch as Lynda MH Faires shares how she adds her embellishments with some machine stitches and beading to her quilts 43:17 - 59:22
2004 Amy McClellan applique with wool and cotton fabrics Amy demonstrates how she mixes her appliques while working with wool and cotton fabric at the same time. 10:53 - 27:23
2004 Amy McClellan applique templates Amy shows how to make your applique templates and streamline those repetitive tasks of ironing; cutting and stitching down her appliques. 27:20 - 42:12
2005 Laura Fogg raw-edge landscapes Laura shares how she creates her raw-edge collage landscapes from pictures of places that she has been to recently or in the past. 10:20 - 27 :27
2005 Laura Fogg applique with quilting Laura demonstrates how she free-motions her raw-edge landscape quilts. 27:19 - 37:34
2005 Ann Horton free-form embroidery Laura shares her techniques on how she does her free form embroidery from layering her materials to hooping and stitching her first base layer of stitches. 37:40 - 53:36
2006 Ann Shaw templates with fabric and freezer paper Learn how to work with unusual fabrics and freezer paper templates with Ann Shaw 11:21 - 23:20
2006 Ann Shaw photos lines and shapes in patterns Learn how to use photos and create gestures using lines and shapes when composing a pattern with Ann Shaw. 23:15 - 37:34
2007 Karen Kay Buckley perfect circles Karen shares how easy it is to make those perfect circles everytime. 11:05 - 26:07
2007 Karen Kay Buckley perfect stems Watch how Karen demonstrates on how easy it is to make that perfect stem to go with that perfect circle. 27:31 - 37:14
2008 Melissa Sobotka paint and raw-edge applique Melissa shows us how she applies her raw-edge applique techniques on her quilts. 25:32 - 40:15
2008 Melissa Sobotka tips; tricks and tools Melissa shares all of the tools; paints; etc that she uses to make her quilts come alive. 41:07 - 53:39
2009 Meg Hawkey Quilting Business Meg talks on how she opened her quilting business 00:00 - 11:20
2009 Meg Hawkey Color Learn how to tint and shade with crayons 11:21 - 25:58
2009 Meg Hawkey Hand Stitches Adding Stitching Details 25:59 - 41:44
2009 Sally Frey Traditional vs Contemporary Sally shares her versions of traditional vs contemporary 41:45 - 51:15
2010 Paula Nadelstern Paula's Quilts Paula's Quilting Journey 00:00 - 12:04
2010 Paula Nadelstern Seams How to camouflage seams 12:05 - 29:19
2010 Paula Nadelstern Embellishment Embellish a stunning ornament 29:20 - 42:29
2010 Julie Silber Antique Quilts Antique Quilts based on squares 42:30 - 57:32
2011 Alex Anderson Quilt Blocks Shoo-fly block demonstration 00:00 - 14:33
2011 Teri Cherne Computers in Quilting Vector Drawing program demo 24:30 - 39:03
2011 Teri Cherne Binding Creating a trim that will become the binding 39:04 - 54:32
2012 Gyleen Fitzgerald Quilt Blocks Gyleen works with her system of Bricks; cobblestones; and pebbles 11:00 - 26:27
2012 Gyleen Fitzgerald Quilt Blocks A perfect pinwheel with only 3 pins 26:28 - 42:37
2012 Gyleen Fitzgerald Quilt Backs Making a pieced back for your quilt 42:38 - 58:42
2013 Lyric Kinard Quilt Design Elements of Abstract Design 00:00 - 11:00
2013 Lyric Kinard Quilts Lyric Kinard's quilts 11:01 - 26:27
2013 Lyric Kinard Quilt Challenge Lyric discusses her "face-a-day" challenge 26:28 - 42:37
2013 Tonye Belinda Phillips Quilt Studios TQS tours Camp Sherman the home & studio of Tonye 42:38 - 58:42
2101 Joen Wolfrom Color Joen takes the mystery out of the color wheel 00:00 - 16:30
2101 Joen Wolfrom Color How to plan your colors 16:31 - 27:26
2101 Joen Wolfrom Landscapes & Color How to create depth & layers of color 27:27 - 40:36
2101 April Sproule Stenciling and hand embroidery Update your wardrobe with stenciling and embroidery 40:37 - 56:13
2102 Ricky Tims Quilt Blocks Ricky demos the Sumpter Rose block 00:00 - 16:41
2102 Mary Kerr Quilts See Mary Kerr's quilts 16:42 - 28:36
2102 Mary Kerr Quilt Blocks & Vintage Textiles Evaluating Orphan Vintage Blocks & how to use them 28:37 - 43:18
2102 Mary Kerr Quilted Pillows Using Vintage blocks to create a quilted pillow 43:19 - 55:55
2103 Pat Durbin Quilts Pat Durbin shows some of her quilts 00:00 - 10:07
2103 Pat Durbin Mosaic Quilt Pat shows techniques to create Mosaic quilts 10:08 - 22:05
2103 Pat Durbin Photos to Quilts Pat show how to take a photo and create a quilt 22:06 - 34:41
2103 Clarke Museum Museums A tour of the Clarke Museum in Eureka; California; USA 34:42 - 41:13
2104 Nysha Oren Nelson Quilting Designs 6 Elemental Quilting Marks 12:43 - 29:20
2104 Nysha Oren Nelson Quilting Designs Using Zentangle Quilting Designs 00:00 - 12:42
2104 Nysha Oren Nelson Quilting Designs Use samples to Improve Quilting Skills 29:21 - 44:18
2104 Sharyn Cole Quilted Furniture How to make Tuffets 44:19 - 1:00:30
2105 Allie Aller Stained Glass See Stained Glass Quilts and Tools 00:00 - 23:48
2105 Allie Aller Stained Glass Spaghetti Leading Technique 23:49 - 39:00
2105 Pepper Cory Fabrics Studio Tour and Using Shot Cottons in Traditional Blocks 39:17 - 54:20
2106 Meg Cox Traditions Meg Talks about Traditions & The Quilt Alliance 00:00 - 12:47
2106 Meg Cox Cutting Techniques Caveman Curves & Words in Quilts 12:52 - 28:10
2106 Meg Cox Color Selection Meg gives tips on Fabric and Color Selections 28:11 - 40:00
2106 Meg Cox Words in Quilts How to put Words & Messages in Quilts 40:15 - 57:33
2107 Bethanne Nemesh Quilts See Her Quilts 00:00 - 13:14
2107 Bethanne Nemesh Binding Beaded Binding Technique 13:15 - 27:15
2107 Bethanne Nemesh Machine Quilting How to conquer Quilting Feathers 27:16 - 41:49
2107 Leslie Riley Collage Leslie shows her Collage Techniques 41:50 - 56:03
2108 Deborah Boschert Quilts See Deborah's Quilts 00:00 - 12:17
2108 Deborah Boschert Surface Design Surface Design; Techniques & Tools 12:18 - 25:21
2108 Deborah Boschert Surface Design Surface Design Guidelines 25:23 - 42:07
2108 Julie Silber Antique Quilts Antique Quilts tell the lives of ordinary women 42:20 - 56:30
2109 Michele Sanandajian Collage & Unusual Materials See Michele's Quilts 00;00 - 11:09
2109 Michele Sanandajian Collage & Unusual Materials Collage Techniques 11:10 - 42:56
2109 Laura Wasilowski Binding Binding unusually shaped quilts 42:57 - 56:17
2110 Judy Ahlborn Collage & Computers See Judy's Quilts 00:00 - 10:26
2110 Judy Ahlborn Collage & Computers Using Photoshop to Design Pieces 10:27 - 25:50
2110 Judy Ahlborn Collage & Computers Creating Decorative Edge Finishing 26:36 - 39:39
2110 Judy Ahlborn Collage & Computers Using Photoshop for Fabric Design 40:42 - 46:30
2111 Gail Garber Flying Geese See Gail's Quilts & Owls 15:24 - 22:25
2111 Gail Garber Flying Geese Curved Flying Geese 23:50 - 35:36
2111 Gail Garber Foundation Paper Piecing Curved foundation paper pieced seam 36:24 - 48:50
2111 Ricky Tims Quilt Blocks Polka Dot Square Quilt Block from an Irish Chain Quilt 00:00 - 13:52
2112 Alex Anderson Quilt Blocks Antique String & Old Maid's Ramble 00:00 - 13:01
2112 Mel Beach Quilt Challenge See Mel's Quilts and Quilt Challenges 14:54 - 23:20
2112 Mel Beach Strip Piecing Inserting a strip of fabric in the background 25:20 - 37:01
2112 Mel Beach Quilt Blocks Modern Mola's 38:16 - 50:05
2113 Judith Baker Montano Legend Legend 2017  
2113 Judith Baker Montano Legend Burning Silk Edges 23:00 - 28:04
2201 Edyta Sitar Block of the Month Block of the Month 2018- Patchwork Barn 00:00-11:10
2201 Edyta Sitar Color Selection Monochrome Color Choices 12:47-28:58
2201 Edyta Sitar Piecing Scrap Quilt Tips 30:42-46:13
2201 Edyta Sitar Quilt Blocks Quilt Block Piecing and Tips 47:05-1:03:30
2202 Betty Busby Quilts See Betty Busby's Quilts 00:00-9:30
2202 Betty Busby Fabrics Silk & Fabric Paint 11:02-21:24
2202 Betty Busby Mixed Media Non-woven materials plus Quilt Tools & Soldering Tools 22:40-34:36
2202 Cyndi McChesney Antique Quilts Taking an Antique Quilt and making it Modern 35:35-49:50
2203 Wendy Grande T-Shirt Quilts See Wendy's T-Shirt Quilt Examples 00:00-10:00
2203 Wendy Grande T-Shirt Quilts Tips for T-Shirt Quilt Layouts 11:32-20:40
2203 Wendy Grande T-Shirt Quilts T-Shirt Quilt Problem Tips 22:31-34:25
2203 Wendy Grande T-Shirt Quilts How to Personalize a T-Shirt Quilt 35:20-50:00
2204 Leni Wiener Quilts See Leni's Quilts and Art 00:00-7:34
2204 Leni Wiener Stabilizers Stabilizing her art figures 9:15-18:00
2204 Leni Wiener Fabric Design Unexpected Fabric Design 19:35-28:14
2204 Jake Simmons Quilt Studios Preventing Pain while quilting. Ergonomics & Movements 29:07-36:30
2205 Diane Kirkhart Quilts See Her Quilts and hear her story 00:00-9:37
2205 Diane Kirkhart Paper Piecing Techniques Figure 8 knot for English Paper Piecing 11:00-26:45
2205 Diane Kirkhart Stitches; Stabilizer Tiny hidden stitches & stabilizer uses 28:37-39:04
2205 Diane Kirkhart Tools InkLingo Printed Shapes 40:08-55:27
2206 Alex Anderson Quilt Blocks & Vintage Textiles Dresden Plate plus working with ric rac 1:00-14:55
2206 The Hoop Sisters Embroidery Discussion of Digitizing Design & working w/ Sharon Schamber 17:30-25:49
2206 The Hoop Sisters Embroidery Common mistakes in Digitized Design 27:25-41:14
2206 The Hoop Sisters Finishing Quilts How to join and finish a quilt by machine 42:34-56:30
2207 Cheryl Lynch Quilts The Quilts and Ideas for Mini-Mosaic Quilts 1:28-6:59
2207 Cheryl Lynch Quilt Blocks Tips & Tricks for Mini-Mosaic Quilts 9:00-23:32
2207 Cheryl Lynch Baby Quilts A Baby Quilt in an afternoon 25:21-35:34
2207 Lauren Vlcek Mixed Media Inexpensive Silk Screening 36:38-54:28
2208 Maria Shell Quilt Blocks no-sew fused applique quilt block  
2208 Maria Shell Charity Quilts Community Quilts  
2208 Maria Shell Cutting Techniques Cutting without a ruler  
2208 Maria Shell Quilt Blocks Small strip units sewn together  
2208 Alex Anderson border techniques Box Triangle Border  
2209 Ricky Tims Baby Quilts Baby Bunting Quilt  
2209 Katie Fowler Color Color Selections  
2209 Katie Fowler Quilt Blocks Mandala  
2209 Katie Fowler Finishing Quilts Fast Finishes  
2210 Ricky Tims Quilt Design Drafting and design  
2210 Ricky Tims Quilt Blocks Goldfish Block  
2210 Katie Pasquini Masopust Art Quilts Art Quilting Design  
2210 Katie Pasquini Masopust Quilt Blocks Log Cabin Block Variations  
2211 Heidi Farmer Longarm Quilting Techniques Longarm embroidery  
2211 Heidi Farmer Baby Quilts Heidi shows baby quilt ideas  
2211 Judy Fredenburgh Stabilizers Stabilizers to use with machine embroidery  
2212 Linda Pumphrey Colors Red & White Quilts; Working w/ High Contract Color  
2212 Carolyn Hock border techniques; binding Bling at the edge of the quilt  
2213 Ann Shaw Modern Quilts Abstract & Modern Quilts  
2213 Ann Shaw Quilt Blocks Courthouse Step Block  
2213 Anna Bates Blogger Anna & G On the Road  
2213 Anna Bates Quilt Studios Quilt Studio in an RV; Quilt Trips  
2301 Mark Sherman Colors Stained Glass; Hand Dyed Fabric  
2301 Ricky Tims Antique Quilts Antique string pieced quilt  
2301 Ricky Tims Quilt Blocks Tumbler Block  
2302 Cathy Franks Longarm Quilting Techniques Circular Designs and Stencils  
2302 Cathy Franks embellishing your quilt tulle; yarn; embellishments; Christmas Décor  
2303 Kathy Doughty Traditional vs Contemporary Modernizing Traditional Blocks  
2303 Kathy Doughty Applique Organic Applique  
2303 Alex Anderson Applique Finished Applique  
2304 Ebony Love Cutting Techniques Fabric Die Cutting; Sizzix  
2304 Ebony Love Quilt Blocks Orange Peel; Diamonds; Isosceles Triangles  
2304 Julie Silber Antique Quilts Signature Quilts  
2305 Patty Murphy Beginning Quilting Sharp Points  
2305 Patty Murphy Cutting Techniques; Piecing Cutting & Piecing Tips  
2305 Julie Silber Antique Quilts Antique Baby Quilts  
2306 Jaime Wallen Longarm Quilting Techniques Triple Stitching; Quilted Medallions  
2306 Jaime Wallen border techniques Borders; and Design Ideas  
2307 Paula Doyle Piecing Easy Stack Quilting  
2307 Paula Doyle Fabrics Using leftover fabric  
2307 Lea McComas Color Color Wheel & Color Tips  
2308 Susan Cleveland Quilt Blocks Modern Dresden Plate  
2308 Susan Cleveland Piecing Precision Piecing; Prairie Points  
2308 Susan Cleveland Thread; Needles; Sewing Machines Tips on Thread; needles & feed dogs  
2309 Eleanor Burns Piecing: Precision Precision Piecing tips; twirl your seams  
2309 Eleanor Burns Quilt Blocks Fast Log Cabin  
2310 Lynn Carson Harris Quilt Blocks Log Cabin; small pieces;  
2310 Lynn Carson Harris Fabrics scraps  
2311 Libby Williamson Mixed Media Tea bags; Collage  
2311 Libby Williamson Art Quilts Paint and Thread  
2311 Carolyn Hock Quilting Designs Quilting Designs from your travels  
2312 Sue Heinz Border corners; sashing  
2312 Sue Heinz Design Circles; drawing  
2312 Ricky Tims Binding Hong Kong Edged Finish  
2313 Marianne Fons Legend Marianne tells her history in quilting  
2313 Marianne Fons Studio Visit Tour her home & studio  
2313 Marianne Fons Quilts Bed Turning & Quilts of Valor  
2401 Becky Goldsmith Block of the Month TQS 2019 BOM Sizzle  
2401 Becky Goldsmith Quilt Blocks Bullseye Quilts  
2401 Becky Goldsmith Piecing Foundation Piecing  
2401 Becky Goldsmith Piecing Setting Circles  
2402 Marci Baker Pressing Pressing Fabrics and Seams  
2402 Marci Baker Piecing Seam ripping tip  
2402 Marci Baker Quilt Blocks One-Patch Quilt Designs  
2402 Michelle McKibben Antique Quilts 1873 Soldier Quilt  
2403 Suzy Williams Fabric; Painting Make Your Own Fabric  
2403 Suzy Williams Fabric How to use Spoonflower  
2403 Suzy Williams Inspiration; Piecing Making mini-quilts to break a creative slump  
2404 Alex Anderson Emboidery Wedding Ribbon Silk Embroidery  
2404 Jenny K Lyon Quilting Designs Quilting Designs based on the Fabric  
2404 Jenny K Lyon Cutting Techniques Boho cutwork  
2405 Bill Volckening Antique Quilts Elegant Antique Quilts  
2405 Barbara Black Cutting Techniques; Piecing Tips on Cutting; Pressing; and Piecing  
2405 Barbara Black Binding Tips on Binding and Adding a Sleeve  
2406 Ricky Tims embellishing your quilt Adding Shimmer to a design; threads  
2406 Heidi Proffetty Piecing Mosaic Quilt Design  
2406 Heidi Proffetty Cutting Techniques Using a digital cutter  
2407 MJ Kinman Freezer Paper Freezer Paper Technique  
2407 MJ Kinman Quilt Blocks Birthstone Gem Quilts  
2407 MJ Kinman Painting Painting on Fabric  
2407 Iowa Quilt Museum Museums Tour of the Iowa Quilt Museum  
2408 Heidi Kaisand Fabrics Working with Wool  
2408 Heidi Kaisand Stitches Simple Embroidery Stitches  
2408 Linzee Kull McCray Fabrics Feed Sack Quilts  
2408 Linzee Kull McCray Piecing String Piece Quilts  
2409 Christa Watson Quilt Blocks Improv Blocks using Pre-Cuts  
2409 Christa Watson Quilting Designs Straight Walking Foot Free-Motion  
2409 Bill Volckening Antique Quilts Antiques that look Modern  
2410 Ricky Tims Quilt Blocks Seminole Patchwork - Dancing Squares  
2410 Teresa Coates Fabrics Working with Unusual Fabrics  
2410 Teresa Coates Fabrics Working with Minky & Cuddle  
2411 Kim Eichler-Messmer Fabrics Natural Dyeing  
2411 Kim Eichler-Messmer Piecing Improv Piecing with a Serger  
2411 Judy Martin Quilt Blocks Lonestar Variations  
2412 Missie Carpenter Applique Turned edge for hexies and circles  
2412 Missie Carpenter Piecing Building a penny unit  
2412 Leanne Anderson Quilt Blocks Dog breed quilts  
2413 Gayle Schliemann Modern Cosplay  
2413 Claudia Pfeil Fabrics Using Silk  
2413 Claudia Pfeil Quilting Designs Using shapes you know to quilt  
2413 Claudia Pfeil Quilt Blocks Improv Block Building of circles & squares  
2501 Timna Tarr      
2501 Mary Fons      
2502 Alex Anderson      
2502 Ricky Tims      
2502 Latifah Saafir      
2503 Lisa Walton      
2503 Gayle Schliemann      
2504 Ruth Chandler      
2504 Wendy Grande      
2505 Nina McVeigh      
2505 Mary Fons      
2506 Shelley Tobisch      
2506 Bernie Tobisch      
2507 Sherri Lynn Wood      
2507 Ann Myhre      
2508 Sarah Ann Smith      
2509 Jayme Crow      


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