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How to Create Floral Postcards with Paint and Inks with Carol Morrissey | Celebration Quilts

(Show 1908) Carol Morrissey’s love of nature has had an enormous impact on her quilting. It propelled her from making traditional quilts to creating realistic images of flora and fauna. Carol shows you how to add details to objects (in this case, a bee) using paint and inks. The end result looks almost like a watercolor. She also demonstrates how to make a fast, fun, fused postcard you can actually mail. Her tips include how to remove fused pattern pieces, as well as fabric-saving techniques. Later, Cyndi Souder takes you through her process of creating personalized celebration quilts, using both traditional and original designs. She shows how to enhance personalized pieces with free-motion written messages.

Gift Idea: Postcards

Painting, Fusible Appliqué, Quilt Pattern, Free Motion Quilting, Drawing, Inking on Quilts, Nature Inspired Quilts, Photo Inspired Quilts
Series 1900

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