Who is Jake Simmons?

Growing up I played a lot of different sports and participated in outdoor scouting activities.  As a result, I experienced my fair share of injuries.  Although I never went to see a chiropractor I never bought in to the idea of taking medication to fix my aches and pains.  Then in 2003 I was in a major car accident and things changed.  Although I was not seriously injured, I did sustain a whiplash injury.

It was at the urging of the insurance company that I see a chiropractor near where I was attending college.  That is when I had my first adjustment, and felt the first relief from a headache I had been suffering through for about 2 years.  The treatment for my car accident opened my eyes to some other injuries I had been ignoring.  During the course of my treatment, I was enrolled in some pre-med lecture classes where we had different specialties come and talk to us about their fields.  I thought I had settled on sports medicine until the Chiropractor came to talk to us.  He told me about how chiropractic schools specialize right from the start.  Needless to say I like what he had to say, and I really liked the treatment and pain relief I was experiencing from my chiropractor. Once I had earned my pre-requisites for entering chiropractic school, I applied for and was accepted to Southern California University of Health Sciences.  I attended and graduated from this school earning my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in April of 2007.  After finishing chiropractic school I was able to complete my undergraduate degree in exercise science from BYU in Provo, Utah.  Since moving to Hawaii I have been the chiropractor for all of the sports programs at BYU-H as well as Kahuku High School.  I have earned a certification in Strength and Conditioning from the NSCA and am very familiar with athletes and the injuries and stress they go through.  I also have three active children, whom I have been adjusting since birth, and am very familiar with their injuries and activity levels as well.  

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