A Template is a physical object that is is used as a guide to make shapes consistently. Templates are commonly used for applique and for shapes not easily cut with a standard ruler.

Templates can be made of a variety of materials. Early quilters used templates made from cardboard, while contemporary quilters use a variety of materials, such as template plastic, Mylar, and freezer paper. Acrylic templates can be purchased for a wide variety of patchwork shapes to use with a rotary cutter.

To use an applique template, place the template onto your fabric, and trace around it with a marking tool, cut out with a rotary cutter or scissors. Be sure to check if your template includes seam allowances before marking and cutting.

Benefits of a Template

  • A Template can be traced around to create a specific shape multiple times.
  • A clear template with registration marks is useful for fussy cutting fabric.

Tools and Supplies for a Template

  • Marking tools
  • Template materials
What I Wish I Knew When I Started using a Template

Creating an accurate TEMPLATE will help insure the success of your project. Be sure to use sharp marking tools and cut consistently on the inside edge of the marking to exactly match the template. After creating your template, check it against the original to make sure it's correct.

Template Resources