Quilt Label

A Quilt Label is sewn on the back of a finished quilt to provide information about the maker, designer, quilter, recipient, date and place made, and other information. It can be as simple as information written directly on the back of the quilt with a permanent pen to an elaborate printed or hand-drawn label sewn in place. It is also helpful to include any related history of the quilt, tips for caring for the quilt and some quilters will stitch a few pieces of fabric to be used in repairs, behind the quilt label.

Benefits of a Quilt Label

  • The Quilt Label provides a permanent record for the quilt. Artists sign their work and so should you.
  • It tells the Who, What, When, Where and Why of the quilt.
  • It indicates who owns the quilt, the date it was made, who made it and other important facts that are often lost over time for quilts without labels. Historians and future generations will be most appreciative the maker took the time to provide such valuable information with the quilt.

Supplies and Tools for a Quilt Label

  • Quilt Labels are most valuable when they detailed and permanent.
  • Marking pens with permanent, archival ink are best for writing on the Quilt Label.
  • Computers can be used to print Quilt Labels on fabric specifically made to be used in printers. Black ink will last much longer than colored printer ink.
What I Wish I Knew When I Started making a Quilt Label

Each quilt deserves a QUILT LABEL, even as simple as the date and maker written on the back or on a light piece of fabric stitched to the back. It is much easier to make the label at the time the quilt is made than to have to go back later, when the details are not as fresh.

Quilt Label Resources