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Name: Three...Two...One...Go! with Sue Garman

Designer: Sue Garman
Begins: July 1, 2016


Three… Two… One… Go! is a three-part program where you will make a 60-inch square Medallion Star Quilt, A Teddy Bear and His Quilt, and a Quicky Strippy Quilt. Use your stash or if you decide to use the Rajah Revisited quilt kit for your fabric as Sue did (which you can order below), you will be able to make all three quilts. However, you cannot afford to waste even an inch! Of course, fabric requirements are also listed if you choose to use your own fabrics.


Remember you get all the patterns for FREE as a Star member.  



#12 zetta54 2020-05-09 10:13
when printing patterns, do not print fit to page but scale to 100 percent. Hope this helps B #6
#11 Adryfoos 2019-01-07 16:28
Hi Adryfoos,

Please see below for the step by step instructions for downloading the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Block of the Month patterns. Please note that the 2019 Block of the month will become available on the first of each month starting with January 1st.

1.) Log into TheQuiltShow.co m (Please note that you will always need to be signed into your membership to have access to these patterns)
2.) Place your mouse on the “Learn” tab at the top of the page
3.) Another box will open up, place your mouse on the “Block of the Month – BOM” tab
4.) Another box will open up, click on the “BOM 2018” button
5.) Scroll down to bottom of the page and click on "End" that will take you the Introduction of the “The Patchwork Barn Quilt” and then click on the blue words
6.) Click on the blue words “Download Instructions”
7.) You will then be taken to the current pattern screen.
8.) You can then click on the green button “Download” for anything you are looking for

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact TQS Customer Service.
#10 Doreen01 2018-02-11 18:12
What is the line of the bubble faric that was used with this quilt please
#9 ladydj 2018-01-15 08:07
The bear is about 8", since it is supposed to be printed as shown....the paper is 11", the pattern is not to the edge of the paper top or bottom, then shrinkage for PP. Or we could enlarge the pattern and make him bigger.
Cute! BTW for those of you who don't see the patterns, you have to be logged in....ask me how I know. Ha!
#8 JOHNANDERSON 2016-07-13 18:39
The patterns are a Free Bonus to our Star members. I apologize if we didn't make this clear. We try to be careful to make sure there are no surprises. We have exclusive patterns for Star members several times a year. Our goal is to make sure that the yearly price of $42.95 is far less than what is provided. I have added and bolded this above.
#7 AlexAnderson 2016-07-13 17:08
The teddy is pint size - he is about 12"
#6 B. 2016-07-13 16:25
What is the size of the teddy bear? When I printed the teddy bear pattern it is awfully small and still to be paper pieced which will make it even smaller. I printed it to "fit page".
#5 bobbie rumler 2016-07-13 12:33
:lol: I just love this site...thanks
#4 sandrianablue 2016-07-13 07:04
Yes, what a cute doll quilt and bear... Only one problem on this offer: the pattern aren't there to download! Is this a new trick to get people to pay for something that is advertised as free? I hope no, because it isn't what we know you for.... Regards, Viviane
#3 JOHNANDERSON 2016-07-03 19:21
Make sure you scroll down the page when you click to get the patterns. They are stacked on top of each other. Let us know if you have any other problems. Sorry for the confusion.
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