WeAllSew Tutorial: Decorative Stitched Holiday Cards​

Even though Valentine's Day just ended, there are still plenty of holidays coming up, including St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and so many more. So how will you celebrate those holidays? You don't just want to give your loved ones a store-bought card, you want to give them something more. Sally Manke at WeAllSew has the perfect solution with a tutorial to make Decorative Stitched Holiday Cards.

From Sally Manke at WeAllSew:


"Many machines come with an assortment of built-in decorative stitches that go unused. Decorative Stitches add character with minimal effort and can be used to create your own fabric designs. This is a quick and easy project to put those stitches to use as you become comfortable with what your machine has to offer."


Click Here, or the image below, to go to the tutorial and learn more.




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