Trailer 3312: Foundation Piecing Miniature Log Cabins with Amy Pabst | How to Do Embroidery on Silk with Alex Anderson

Debuting December 3, 2023: On the next Quilt Show, we are going to introduce you to a wonder from West Virginia, Amy Pabst. Amy is sweeping up awards with her remarkable quilts featuring miniature log cabins and micro-piecing. How does she make such tiny blocks? Well, Amy shares her special tools and materials.


Plus, watch her foundation piece a miniature log cabin block. If you think that a 3" log cabin block is small, wait till you see her half-inch pineapple blocks. It is simply staggering. Then, Alex Anderson is having a blast doing amazing embroidery on silk. She'll show you some fillers that add a lot of finesse.


From embroidery embellishments to micro-mini making, you've come to creativity central at TheQuiltShow.com!



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